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Parallel (Septimus Heap One-Shot):

     Everything was still and silent as the door to her apartment swung open for Marcia Overstrand. There was no clamor of pots in the kitchen, no rehearsed chanting of spells, no turning of pages in an ancient book in the living room. Nothing. It was quiet, eerily so.

     Marcia set down her bag and headed down the hallway, noticing the odd way the tippy-tapping of her shoes echoed through the empty rooms. “Septimus?” she called out loudly, beginning to become unsettled. “Septimus, are you here?”

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go on and fill my lungs with light

Five ways Amy Santiago planned to tell Jake Peralta she loved him: Romantic Cruise Stylez. Oh, and the one way it eventually worked out. 

a prologue.

Amy Santiago is five years old the first time she imagines falling in love. She’s stuck at home with the flu, and her mother has brought her a bowl of chicken noodle soup to drink while they watch daytime soaps together. The two main characters are sitting in a hospital waiting room, holding hands while they wait to see whether or not the girl is pregnant. Amy watches as the boy takes a breath and turns, bringing his hands to frame his girlfriend’s face.

“Marcia ,” he whispers, “ whatever the test results are, whether you’re pregnant or not…. I want you to know that I love you. I love you more than anything. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, and nothing will ever change that, I swear .”

“Terrible,” Mama groans, wrinkling her nose. “A hospital is no place to declare love like that for the first time, especially when it’s your own fault the girl’s pregnant!”

Amy slurps her soup and giggles. “Mama,” she asks after a moment, “when did you and Papi first say ‘I love you’?”

Mama smiles, turning towards Amy and grabbing the remote to switch the tv off. “Well,” she says, “Your Papi was quite the romantic. We had been dating for a few months: going out to nice dinners and dancing, he’d taken me on picnics and walks through the parks and to movies I liked, and decided that he loved me–”

“Did you love him back?”

“Of course, mija,” Mama says, kissing Amy’s forehead. “To be honest, I would have said it first if he hadn’t beaten me to it.” She pulls away. “He took me out to my favorite spot, a park bench next to a beautiful garden, and just as the sun was setting over the horizon he whispered ‘te amo’ in my ear.”

Mama looks at Amy and brings up her hand to brush a strand of hair off of Amy’s slightly damp forehead. “Oh Amy,” she sighs, “I hope you have a story like that someday.”

And Amy Santiago, all of five years old and slightly feverish looks up at her Mama, looks at all of the love in her eyes and makes herself a promise.

“I will,” Amy says. “I’ll have a story just as perfect as yours.”

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I’ve been tagged in several selfie games/challenges and I never really did them so yes this is my explanation

Think about it, the events of The Outsiders took place 50 years ago. Imagine Ponyboy sitting at his house now, remembering Johnny, the guy he was supposed to be friends forever with, and who he lost tragically, or Darry thinking about what happened the night of the rumble back in 1965 and how much he loved his brothers. What about Cherry, married, thinking about the boys she met one night in September, bitter-sweet tears running down her face or Marcia remembering them too and wondering what ever happened to Two-Bit. Imagine everyone, some moved from Tulsa, others stayed, remembering the times they had in their small town of Sperry, the laughs, the tears, the playful jokes, the times they went to the movies or out to get ice cream together. Just imagine it.