marchioness of milford haven


The 42 grandchildren (in-order) of Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert, the Prince consort. Including Kaiser Wilhelm II, George V of United Kingdom, and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia.

1. Wilhelm II, German Emperor. Born as Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert of Prussia, on 27th January 1859. The first grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Wilhelm became the Kaiser of Germany on 15th June 1888, until his abdication on 18th November 1918. He died in exile on 3rd June 1941 (aged 82). (”Willy”)
2. Princess Viktoria Elisabeth Auguste Charlotte of Prussia; 24th July 1860 - 19th October 1919 (aged 59). (”Ditta”,”Charly”)
3. Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich “Henry” of Prussia; 14th August 1862 - 20th April 1920 (aged 66). He married his first cousin, Irene of Hesse. (”Harry”)
4. Princess Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie of Hesse and by Rhine, later Marchioness of Milford Haven; 5th April 1863 - 24th September 1950 (aged 87). Grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort of Elizabeth II.
5. Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward of Wales, Duke of Clarence and Avondale; 8th January 1864 - 14th January 1892 (aged 28). (”Eddy”)
6. Prince Franz Friedrich Sigismund of Prussia; 15th September 1864 - 18th June 1866 (aged 1). The first grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to die. (”Sigi”)
7. Princess Elisabeth Alexandra Louise Alice of Hesse and by Rhine, later Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia; 1st November 1864 - 18th July 1918 (aged 53). Elizabeth was politically executed by the bolsheviks. (”Ella”)
8. George V of United Kingdom. Born as Prince George Frederick Ernest Albert of Wales; 3rd June 1865 - 20th January 1936 (aged 70). He is the grandfather of Elizabeth II. (”Georgie”)
9. Princess Fredrik Amalia Wilhelmina Viktoria of Prussia; 12th April 1866 - 13th november 1929 (aged 63). (”Moretta”)
10. *Princess Irene Louise Marie Anne of Hesse and by Rhine; 11th July 1866 - 11th November 1953 (aged 87). Married her first cousin, Henry of Prussia.
11. Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar of Wales, later Princess Royal; 20th February 1867 - 4th January 1931 (aged 63).
12. Prince Christian Victor Albert Ernst Anton of Schleswig-Holstein; 14th April 1867 - 29th October 1900 (aged 33). (”Christle”)
13. Prince Joachim Friedrich Ernst Waldemar of Prussia; 10th February 1868 - 27th March 1879 (aged 11). (”Waldy”)
14. Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary of Wales; 6th July 1868 - 3rd December 1935 (aged 67). (”Toria”)
15. Prince Ernest Louis Karl Albert Wilhelm of Hesse and by Rhine, later Grand Duke of Hesse; 25th November 1868 - 9th October 1937. He married his first cousin, Victoria Melita of Saxe-Coburg and gotta and of Edinburgh on 1894, but divorced on 1901. (”Ernie”)
16. Prince Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George of Schleswig-Holstein, later Duke of Schleswig-Holstein; 26th February 1869 - 27th April 1931.
17. Princess Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria of Wales, later Queen consort of Norway; 26th November 1869 - 20th November 1938.
18. Princess Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena of Schleswig-Holstein, better known as Princess Helena Victoria; 3rd May 1870 - 13th March 1948. (”Snipe”,”Thora”)
19. Princess Sophia Dorothea Ulrik Alice of Prussia, later Queen consort of Greece; 14th June 1870 - 13th January 1932. 
20. **Prince Friedrich Wilhelm August Victor Leopold Louis of Hesse and by Rhine; 7th October 1870 - 29th May 1873. (”Frittie”)
21. Prince Alexander John of Wales; 6th April 1871 - 7th April 1871. Died in infancy.
22. Princess Margaret Beatrice Feodora of Prussia; 22th April 1872 - 22nd January 1954. (”Mossy”)
23. *Alexandra Feodorovna, Empress consort of Russia. Born as Princess Viktoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice of Hesse and by Rhine; 6th June 1872 - 17th July 1918. The wife and consort of Nicholas II, last Tsar of Russia. She, along with her husband and their five children (OTMA and **Tsarevich Alexei) were politically executed by the bolsheviks. (”Alicky”,”Sunny”)
24. Princess Franziska Joseph Louise Augusta Marie Christina Helena of Schleswig-Holstein, better known as Princess Marie Louise; 12th August 1872 - 8th December 1956.
25. Princess Marie Viktoria Feodore Leopoldina of Hesse and by Rhine; 24th May 1874 - 16th November 1878. (”May”)
26. Hereditary Prince Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Prince of Edinburgh; 15th October 1874 - 6th February 1899.
27. Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh, and Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Queen consort of Romania; 29th October 1875 - 18th July 1938. (”Missy”)
28. Princess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh, and Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Grand Duchess of Hesse, and Grand Duchess Viktoria Feodrovna; 25th November 1876 - 2nd March 1936. Married her first cousin, Ernest Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse. But divorced on 1901. (”Ducky”)
29. Prince Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward Harald of Schleswig-Holstein; 12th May 1876 - 20th May 1876. Died in infancy.
30. Stillborn son of Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, third daughter of Queen Victoria; 7th May 1877 - 7th May 1877.
31. Princess Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria of Edinburgh and Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; 1st September 1878 - 16th April 1942. (”Sandra”)
32. Stillborn son of Duke of Edinburgh, second son of Queen Victoria; 13th October 1879 - 13th October 1879.
33. Princess Margaret Victoria Charlotte Augusta Norah of Connaught, later Crown Princess of Sweden; 15th January 1882 - 1st May 1920. (”Daisy”)
34. Prince Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert of Connaught; 13th January 1883 - 21st September 1938.
35. *Princess Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline of Albany; 25th February 1883 - 3rd January 1981. The last grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to die.
36. Princess Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria of Edinburgh, Princess and of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later Duchess of Gallieria; 20th April 1884 - 13th July 1966.
37. Prince Charles Edward George Albert Leopold of Albany, later Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha; 19th July 1884 - 6th March 1954. (”Charlie”)
38. Princess Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth of Connaught; 17th March 1886 - 12th January 1974. (”Pat”)
39. Prince Alexander of Battenberg, later Sir Alexander Mountbatten; 23rd November 1886 - 23rd February 1960.
40. *Princess Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena of Battenberg, later Queen consort of Spain; 24th October 1887 - 15th April 1969. (”Ena”)
41. **Prince Leopold Arthur Louis of Battenberg; 21st May 1889 - 23rd April 1922.
42. **Prince Maurice Victor Donald of Battenberg; 3rd october 1891 - 27th October 1914. The last grandchild of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

* = Carriers of Hemophilia
** = Suffered from Hemophilia


10 Granddaughters of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert:

Sophia of Prussia, Queen of Greece

Maud of Wales, Queen of Norway

Victoria of Hesse, Marchioness of Milford Haven

Beatrice of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Infanta of Spain

Marie Louise, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein

Margaret of Connaught, Crown Princess of Sweden

Alice of Albany, Countess of Athlone

Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, Queen of Spain

Alix of Hesse, Tsarina of Russia

Victoria, Princess of the United Kingdom

The four surviving daughters of Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse and Princess Alice of Great Britain

Victoria was the eldest, most studious and intelligent. She had great sense of humour and was both responsible and level headed, a true anchor for her family. She ultimately became Marchioness of Milford-Haven.

Elisabeth was considered the most beautiful of the four, and she was gifted with natural grace and overwhelming charm. In character she was above all emphatic, humble and religious. She married into Russian Imperial family and was martyred after the revolution. Today she is considered a saint of Orthodox church.

Iréne was most placid and simple of her sisters. She had a warm disposition and as Princess Heinrich of Prussia proved to be devoted wife and mother.

Alix was shy and introverted, but when she loved she did so with unbound passion. Like Elisabeth she married a Romanov, surpassing her sister in rank on becoming the Empress of Russia. She was murdered with her husband and children in 1918, and stands together with them and Elisabeth among the saints of the Russian Orthodox church.

Prince and Princess Louis of Battenberg with their 3 eldest children, form left to right: Princess Louise (later Queen of Sweden), Princess Alice (mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh) and Prince George. 

Nadejda Mountbatten, Marchioness of Milford Haven, had many promiment Russian connections in her family tree. She was born on 28 March 1896 in the Russian Empire, a direct descendant of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia and famous Russian author and poet Alexander Pushkin (through his daughter Natalya). Nadejda married Prince George Mountbatten, who himself was a nephew of the last Russian Empress, Alexandra Feodorovna. She died in 1963, leaving behind two children.


30 Day Romanov Challenge - Day 3 : Favourite Hesse Relative.

Princess Victoria of Hesse and by Rhine, Marchioness of Milford Haven

Victoria was the eldest children of the Duke and Duchess of Hesse. After the death of her mother, she felt it her duty to be at the side of her father and look after her sisters and brother, she immediately had gone into adulthood and had to take more responsibilities. She was a bright, had liberal ideas and was progressive like her mother, honest, loved by all her relatives, the maturity she had shown in the very difficult situation made her a very sensible person and compassionate. She made a love match with her cousin Prince Louis of Battenberg, she loved travelling and all her life with her husband lived in various part of Europe. She was a loving and caring mother and grandmother. Lived her life pretty much on her own terms, strong, self-willed she was also a heavy smoker.

She was one of the few to not blame Victoria Melita when she divorced of Ernie. She was also a great support to her sister the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna “Ella” when she decided to convert to orthodoxy and many into the family didn’t agree with this. It is also her who interred Ella’s body in Jerusalem (never let down Ella). She was truly a remarkable woman who always remained fair and compassionate.

“My mother was very quick on the uptake, very talkative, very aggressive and argumentative. With her marvellous brain she sharpened people’s wits” Earl Mountbatten.

“What will live in history is the good work done by the individual & that has nothing to do with rank or title…” Princess Victoria of Hesse, Marchioness of Milford Haven.

Princess Alice and Princess Elisabeth 1864 / Princess Victoria and Princess Ella 1868

Alice enjoyed her children and spent a lot of time with them, fascinated by all aspects of their development. Her letters home were full of observations of their characters and the differences between them. In december 1867 she told her mother, ’ Ella who was breakfasting with me just now, saw me dip my Bretzelin in my cofffee, and said : ’ Oh, Mama, you must not ! Do you allow yourself to do that ? ’ because I don’t allow her to do it. She is too funny, and by no means quite easy to manage - a great contrast to Victoria, who is a very tractable child.’ The Camera and the Tsars


The Three Presidents of the Alice-Frauenvereins for Nursing in the Grand Duchy of Hesse

Princess Alice established the Frauenvereins (women’s societies) with the idea of organising and training women to perform relief work in wartime, particularly nursing. The idea grew and spread, taking everyday nursing into consideration, the care of orphans, the mentally ill, nursing mothers, and the general employment and welfare of women. Alice achieved an astonishing amount in her short life. After her death her eldest daughter Victoria gradually took over her position at the center of the Frauenvereins. Ernst Ludwig’s first wife, Victoria Melita, took no interest in Hesse and its affairs so Victoria held the position until her brother married for a second time. His new wife Eleonor was as inventive and energetic in a good cause as he was, and immensely capable. She took over the Presidency, adding refinements of her own, particularly in the sphere of fund raising. She used the sale of postcards, usually private photos of her family, to raise money. Queen Victoria’s Family, Charlotte Zeepvat.


In the summer of 1880 Princesses Victoria and Elisabeth of Hesse were staying at Balmoral with their grandmother Queen Victoria. The Later enjoyed their company very much and wrote : ‘The dear girls are a g.t pleasure… Victoria is very clever and excessively determined and downright yet most amiable. Ella is so lovely, and so very sweet and attentive – so affectionate and gentle.’.