Today all over Australia peaceful marches were held to protest the cruel budget cuts and to note our disagreement with the general rightwing trend of more than one recent Australian government. Most if not all of the march was 100% peaceful and family friendly. In fact the range of faces from very young, to very old was wonderful to see.

As we marched along the route agreed between the organisers and the police, some students decided to do a peaceful sit in at an intersection in the city, an intersection on the agreed upon route. These students have much to protest, as many cuts and new policies will directly impact on them (if the policies are not blocked).

Very quickly and ruthlessly seven or eight riot police cars moved in and the riot personnel started shoving and yelling at people to move off the streets. I myself got yelled at and told not to"talk back" when I asked one particular riot squad person why he felt the need to yell aggressively at me rather than just ask me to move to the side.

I also videoed the above as the riot police started forcibly removing the peaceful students.

At what point do you justify the loss of your humanity and behave in such a brutal way towards hard hit young students, your own countrymen, in order to get some traffic moving on a fucking street?

The headline should have been: “Murdoch’s Feral Media Turns on Otherwise Peaceful Protest”

Yesterday’s rally was peaceful as can be yet I see news stories like this trying to paint it out to be violent and horrible. Speaking as a person who was actually there I can say that the only people I could have vaguely considered to be ‘violent’ were the actions of the police, and I dare say even those were more manhandling then actual violent acts. But I’m sick of this. I’m sick of the disrespect the media is giving the protesters at Sydney’s budget rallies. There were families there, the elderly, the disabled, people of all colours, creeds, genders and orientations rallying together against a budget that would see all our public services cut back, and each time I see these news stories it reminds me that the media are calling them all 'violent’ and 'feral’. These aren’t just a bunch of 20-somethings looking for something to fight. Though with the recent threats of rising university fee’s, they have more than enough reason to fight. 

This is the little 80 year old woman I saw walking with us you’re calling feral as you strip her of her pension. This is the children you’re calling feral as they walk for their right for education funding. This is those children’s parents you’re calling feral as they march for their children’s future. This is the blind gentleman you calling feral who talked to us as he walked for his right to a disability pension. This is my mother and my family who you’re calling feral because this budget hits each and every one of us in a different way. 

So no. No we’re not violent. We’re not feral. This budget. Tony’s Politics. Australia’s politics at the moment are what is feral and violent, and don’t you dare try and turn in on the people willing to stand ups for a fair Australia. 

“Ferals Revolt”

Ferals revolt? There was a 90 year old well dressed man with a walker next to us who did the whole march. Families. Professionals. A GP. Some well dressed 20year old women with designer handbags. Students. A priest. Even a well recognizable actor. I guess that’s what The Daily Tele thinks of the people of Australia. We’re all just “ferals” that should stop whining and accept our fate as cheap (uneducated) labor.