Yesterday was a special day for me and my family, it was inspiring to see such a vast range of people standing up for what they believe in. Whether it be the treatment of Asylum Seekers, Animal Rights, Environmental issues, Education or Indigenous Affairs - the issues being tackled were each of equal importance and represented how far the failings of this Government already reach.

As mainstream media ignore or worse yet ridicule this movement their smugness only pushes us toward further action, we are empowered by each others passion and this is how revolutions begin. The point of this weekend, which much of the community and mainstream media seem to be missing, was to create solidarity between concerned citizens. This solidarity will carry us through to the next election and beyond - this is the point of coming together in protest, this is the point of making your voice heard. In terms of policy perhaps not much will come of it yet, but thats ok right now because the momentum has begun and the once apathetic are starting to care again, those who weren’t too sure where they stood are finding their feet.

The current Government won the last election due to fear mongering and the predatory way in which they ambushed a confused public with catchy three word slogans and empty promises - they won because the people wanted the Labor party OUT not necessarily because they wanted the Liberal party IN, this is the shamble of a two party system. Well, now they are in power the community is starting to realise what a mistake they made and everyone deserves a second chance right? - even Liberal voters.

So fuck the mainstream media, turn off the news - it’s mostly bullshit anyway. Read independent media that has no reason to lie to you, figure out what you believe in without being told by people who want to scare you. It’s time to stop letting ourselves be underestimated, most importantly it’s time to stop underestimating ourselves.

The Government should serve the people, not the other way around.