I have returned

After a rough time of it lately, hoping getting back in touch with some friends via social media will help turn things around. 

How are all you lovely people that I adore? I’ve missed you!

Good news!

I have my interview for the Assistant Manager position on Friday!

Couple that with my day off tomorrow that I get to spend with my incredible husband and things aren’t so bad despite recent disappointments…who knew it wouldn’t just be a piece of cake to get pregnant?

snixxlopezz replied to your post: Wow work is exhausting. Hi everyone though! I have my day off today! :3

So you’re lucky and unlucky at the same time… Good, ish. What about yourself?

Good! Sorry it took so long to respond tho. :c Long day, long day. But it was a painting class, so I’m not too bothered! My back hurts though..

Today should be better. I get to teach little munchkins how to paint. :3 How about you. What do you have planned for the day?

off until Wednesday

Relieving Sammy so he can get to work as scheduled. Hopefully I can help out somehow and not just sit around thinking about how awful everything is, worrying if Mason and the girls are alright, or dwelling on the awkwardness with the kids now…or feeling sheer terror that they might make due on the things they said in their letter.  

People can be such monsters. I hate all of this. Every single bit of it.