I have returned

After a rough time of it lately, hoping getting back in touch with some friends via social media will help turn things around. 

How are all you lovely people that I adore? I’ve missed you!


So I hop on here during my break and see some things making me question our decision to let Stacy get a tumblr…

Some of you need to watch yourselves with tryin’ to corrupt our little girl. 

You know who you are. I see you. 


My boss has agreed to do open mic nights starting next month. I’ll be able to sing regularly and maybe get some people to come see me while I wait this out.

I can’t wait, I’ve missed singing so so much…

Good news!

I have my interview for the Assistant Manager position on Friday!

Couple that with my day off tomorrow that I get to spend with my incredible husband and things aren’t so bad despite recent disappointments…who knew it wouldn’t just be a piece of cake to get pregnant?

Text || Brit & Santana
  • Mercedes: Are either of you able to come watch the kids? I'm not sure for how long, it could be for the night.
  • Mercedes: Sam just took Tina to the hospital, I just let Alex know so hopefully he's on his way, and I just...I really need to get there.
  • Mercedes: It's okay if you're not able - it didn't sound like Brit was having the best day, I'm sorry if I'm being insensitive to that in asking you guys but...well, just please let me know.
Today Was A Good Day

They officially announced the Asst. Manager position is opening up so hopefully I can schedule an interview soon and get out from behind that bar. We finalized some things for the first open Mic Night this weekend. I can’t wait to get up and sing again. 

A family that came in recognized me from American Idol and luckily were fans, lol. The one younger girl told me she wants to be a singer like me one day. That’s always my favorite part. 

Best part of my day is yet to come though since I’m heading home and will get to actually see my family tonight. 


The past few weeks have been rough, though I’m starting to feel different, in a good way. Facing a lot of these demons is just making me realize how much more I’m afraid of…like Stevie not getting better anytime soon…everything he’d miss…

Anybody got anything funny or interesting to share? Just something light that will make me smile? One of those days that I just need to lighten my mood…