So I just got a massage done since I am so stressed with college and band. Well I didn’t know which massage to get (Swedish or Deep Tissue) that would help me the most. So I asked. I told her that i was in marching band and that i could feel it the most in my shoulders, arms, and lower back. The masseuse decided that she would do a mix between the two. Halfway into the massage she told me that she decided to do more of a sports massage because the shape my muscles were in. She was amazed and said that I had changed her view on marching band. She said she hadn’t thought of it as a sport before but seeing my muscles she was convinced that it was. (She also mentioned that I had very toned calf muscles, which made me happy). She also marveled at my feet, they are two different feet practically, that they’re so small and most of all because of all the scaring on my feet from my surgeries. She was amazed that I did marching band with the handicap of my feet. All in all even though I had to drive an hour to get the the spa it was well worth it, and she gave me her personal card because she does special at home calls for athletes.