Music & Band asks!🎶

// music related asks for the local band nerd in your life //

Andante: if you could take a walk anywhere in the world where would you go

Stadium lights: practice in 105° heat or 40° cold

Vivace: something you’re excited about right now

À deux: someone you’d duet with anyday

Allegro: introvert or extrovert?

Focoso: do you dip your fries into ketchup or spread it on top?

Dci: favorite drum corp concept/show this year

Drumsticks: favorite battery drum

Mallets: favorite keyboard instrument

Aria: ever been in love? Describe the feeling

Chords: name some people you’re close to

Un peu: describe some little or mundane actions/behaviors that you appreciate

Pulse: describe your aesthetic

Hammer drop: what’s a key that you like/ embody

Cantabile: a song that you could blast in your car 24/7

March: indoor or field season?

Motif: worst illness or injury you’ve ever had

Indoor: do you chew ice?

Trill: a quote that means a lot to you

Warm up jackets: what colors do you wear most often?

Medley: a movie you never get tired of

Cuivré: early bird or night owl?

Coda: 3 things you want to do before you die

Hornline: name qualities you find appealing in other people

Timbre: high/mid or low timbre?


Shako hair: if you could dye your hair, what color would it be?

Baroque: favorite time period and why

Band bus: describe a favorite evening with your band

Vamp: a word or phrase you repeat often

Drillmasters: a clothing item you wear often

Altissimo: something you’re afraid of

Sempre: do you want a tattoo? If so, of what?

Con fuoco: describe 4 ways someone could get closer to you

Band camp: describe a summer memory you won’t forget

Bowstring: favorite string instrument

Lilt: a weird and random fact about you

Lucas oil stadium: dream travel destination?

Tutti: favorite mundane/ every day sounds

Water jug: beverage you drink often

Melody: 3 shows you’ve watched recently on netflix/ hulu

Football games: favorite pep song

Swinng: what time do you usually wake up in the morning?

Festival: favorite concert piece you’ve played

Soli: name a place you’d want to go with your friends

Jazz: go-to jazz/classical piece or album

Pencils: title of your autobiography

Performance: be apart of the audience or be a performer?

everyone’s probably tired of hearing about this from me, but i’d just like to say for the millionth time, band is hard. it’s so, so hard. it doesn’t matter what instrument you play. the amount of skill necessary to march and play an instrument at the same time is huge. we practice music at least every weekday, but sometimes we go outside and march during class too. we have two, sometimes three days of after school practice until six. it’s usually so hot outside when we do this. we have to bring sunscreen to school and store it in the band room so that we don’t get blisters from being in the sun constantly. we. work. so. hard. i know you may not understand because you think marching is just walking and that playing an instrument is just something you can do easily. even if your instrument is small, it’s hard. woodwinds have like 5 million buttons that they have to remember the functions for and sometimes their music is crazy and they have to march while playing it. brass players have to memorize embouchures for different notes. we only have three buttons, so we have to adjust our lips for different pitches and partials. percussionists have to learn all these weird terms and what they mean and stick heights and crazy rhythms, while marching and while not. we’re always exhausted from constant practicing. we have to get up so early for competitions and we’re at the school so late. i’m in the band room more than i’m anywhere else. and don’t even get me started on parades. i HATE parades. we have to walk so so slow and our instruments get so heavy, especially tubas. my arms hurt for days afterwards. and then we get to concert band. we have to learn scales. then there’s auditions. you have to put in so so much work and even then, you might not make it. band takes over our lives and we absolutely love it no matter how frustrating it gets. i love the hours in the hot sun because that’s my family. i love staying after school every day of the week during audition season because i know i’m working so hard and making myself better. my bandmates know that i complain a lot when it gets hot and when my tuba gets too heavy and when it’s too early or too late. but i wouldn’t trade it for the world. band is so, so hard. band kids are dedicated, smart, and have so much talent. band is something you can’t take from any of us, and you never will. we are a family. we always will be. and if you think band is easy or band kids are stupid or lazy, you’re wrong. and i have a lot of people who’ll back me up on that.