marche aux Puces

marche aux puces

FLEA MARKET! Apparently it’s the biggest in Europe. It’s at Porte de Clignacourt at the end of line 4. I visited this morning and it was pretty cool! They had some interesting things like a lot of hookahs, cool clothes, cheap shoes, knock off bags and wallets. They had a lot of bongs too. It was weird hahaha. I ended up just buying a shoulder bag/tote thing for my sister. It’s orange with elephants on it and it only cost 5 euros! 

If you live in Paris now, or are ever visiting, you should make a note of this place and go and check it out on the weekend. You can get clothes/shoes/antiques/souvenirs for super cheap! The only bad thing is that the sellers are kind of sketchy, so I was hesitant to go in some of the stands by myself. Just go with friends if you want to see it for yourself! 


I am a very lucky individual. 

My friend Joe has been visiting this weekend and it’s been a lot of fun. Joe is one of my favourite people and it’s always fun to show someone I care about my new home. Today, we went to Marche aux puces (flea market in English, seen in these photos), took a stroll and a long chat at Jardins de Luxembourg, saw the collection at the Pompidou including finding a few books that I now want to buy and finally in the evening running to catch Joe’s bus. I am very lucky indeed to have the friends I do in my life.