Immense pieces of art, these photographs. Not just in a technical sense, but also in the way that they capture the old soul of these buildings. A soul that is now characterized by nostalgia and also, tragedy. You can just see the children listening to their teacher behind their school-desks, the bank clerk opening the registers for a client, and the opera visitors taking their seats in their fine dress. These kind of images always hit a nerve with me, I can’t imagine how they wouldn’t with you.

The Ruins of Detroit

This once famously ‘driven’ city known for it’s stronghold in the auto industry is now the subject of an unbelievably moving project by the photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. Their lens captures what few of us have truly seen before. The city, both devastating and beautiful, it is very likely the reason many artists are finding their way to Detroit, buying old buildings for a paltry sum and converting them into live/workable places.  Yes, it is tragic to see the ruins, but I wait with great anticipation, to see how the city may look in ten years.