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Top 5 tenderest NHL moments (with pics)

1. “[Marchand] definitely makes me better.” - Patrice Bergeron

2. Gentle Swede Lov

3. this shit

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4. No pics but the little baby burns on the breakaway challenge for the 2016 all star stills comp omg

5. marchys relatability factor

(these are never in any order bc its just what i think of first dhfsdgds)

Some hockey players are smiley:

Some are short:

Some are tall:

Some are inked and tatted:

Sometimes they can be aggressive:

Sometimes they get injured:

But they can be really silly:

Some are amused by Cabbie:

Some really like food….:

Sometimes we are just left to wonder about them….:

But there’s a lot of emotion in all of them no matter what team:

And it’s kinda nice.