Presenting the fiercly loyal and frankly rather terrifying Fabien Marchal, latest addition to my set of Versailles drawings inspired by Alphonse Mucha. Rather than the flowers & feathers decorating the other pictures, Fabien’s tough nature suits swords & flintlock pistols, and ivy tendrils twining in the background to represent the way he and his spies work their way into everything going on at court.


I’m in a great avenue of evergreens, sitting in wet grass, gazing through the pine cones at a canopy of sky. I’ve always dreamed the same dream

requested by @cassanabaratheon

Modern AUs!!!
You know that I’m always a slut for these AUs, especially with Versailles, and the inspiration caught me, so… I couldn’t help but making these aesthetics about the main characters. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed myself in creating them :)


Julien Marchal | Insight XX

This is comforting. Plus the name of the song is synchronistic.