Faded Signals previously featured a history of Seattle’s KOMO-AM.

KOMO’s TV legacy started in 1929 when Francis Brott, an engineer at the radio station, broadcast televised images over electrical lines to small TV sets with one-inch screens.

The Fisher family signed on KOMO-TV in 1953 as an NBC affiliate.  When NBC signed an affiliation deal with rival KING-TV in 1959, KOMO-TV became an ABC affiliate.

In 1984, KOMO became the first TV station to broadcast daily programming in full stereo.  It also claims to be the first TV station in the United States to broadcast its daily newscasts in high definition, beginning in 1999.

KOMO-TV’s news helicopter crashed near its Fisher Plaza studios on March 18, 2014, killing the pilot and a photographer.  When the station unveiled a new news set in 2015, it included a helicopter blade in the design as a tribute to the two.

Over the years, KOMO-TV has built a reputation for excellence, including winning Emmy Awards and Murrow Awards, as well as strong ratings.

Fisher Communications sold KOMO-TV and its sister radio stations in 2013 to Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Here’s a collection of KOMO news opens over the decades:

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