I just want you guys to know that I’m in a really good place right now despite all of the shit happening in the world and I really hope you can find some peace within yourselves too ❤

fuck it. i’m going to everything from this point forward. i’m going to the dnc forum in a few days. i’m going to ALL the marches. i’m volunteering for the next statewide campaign down here. i’m doing all of that shit, i don’t care what i have to do in order to do it or if i have to do it alone. i’m so fucking pumped up and i’m ready to fight back.

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, I want to tell every woman that I love you. You are powerful. You are inspiring. I see you working two jobs with a mental illness. I see you raising a young child and going to school. I see you speaking out at marches, and I see you volunteering your time for others. I see you advocating for other women at work. And I see you standing in solidarity against misogynistic bullying online. We are a force. We make this country great. Never forget that.

You know, it will never not be ridiculously wild to me how much the ace community on this fucking site gets tarred and smeared by people who should goddamn know better. And it’s even wilder when you realize how fiendish and insidious it is that accusations of homophobia and lesbophobia get launched at people who  are criticizing members of the LGBTQIAP+ community for bad behavior. 

Seriously, want to shut down any and all dissent related to your Behavior? Make it so that the arguments are about Who You Are instead. Works every goddamn time. 

I already talked about this, but let’s bring it up again. More than a decade ago, when I was nineteen and a volunteer Security Officer for the Pride March, I bit off the heads of two well-known cis gay men, two leaders of the movement and famous online for their fiery condemnations of homophobia in my country. Said men would also engage in virulent transphobia and transmisogyny on their blogs, up to and including advocating the banning of trans women from the March. When they made it clear that they would be taking pictures of trans women to later eviscerate on blogs and forums, I told them point-blank that if I got even a whiff of that during the Pride March, I would have the gendarmes escort them out, put them in a taxi and send them home, until they fucking learned to behave. 

I got dogpiled for this by the community. The two were my most stringent detractors, but many others also joined them and for a long while I debated just cutting off contact altogether, for the sake of my sanity and blood-pressure. I got called a homophobe, got called a bitch, a whore, all for daring to stand up to those two cis gay men and their repugnant behavior that made the community actively unsafe for many others. 

Over the years, I’ve seen bisexuals (and particularly bi women) getting attacked this way and having the same epithets hurled at them, whenever they dared to criticize the rampant biphobia and misogyny associated with biphobia in the community (remember the whole ‘het-partnered bi people’ fiasco? You should be reminded of it for the rest of your life, if you actively contributed to it). 

I’ve seen pansexuals have everything from our legitimacy to our place within the community itself get questioned and doubted and actively rejected, but heaven fucking help you if you dared bare your teeth over this, if you dared show your anger, if you dared rip the goddamn community a new one, if you dared do a simple demographic study to see who the most vicious campaigners for exclusion were and then point them out. In that case, you were a homophobe, you were a lesbophobe. 

Am I to understand that in the above cases, not being a homophobe or a lesbophobe would have involved letting members of the community cheerfully walk all over me and unquestioningly spit on my right to be in the community, regardless of who I’m seeing or not seeing? 

Do I even have to point out how utterly fucked that is?

And now I’m seeing the same thing playing out with ace people and it makes me sick down to my fucking bones. The same arguments are at work, the same tired hatred, the same hand-wringing over nonexistent problems, the same Purity Litmus Tests and the exact same closing of ranks among the people most active in all this bullshit, to guard each other’s backs. 

‘Ooooh, you cannot possibly criticize us for what we DO, you see. That would make you homophobic/lesbophobic uwu’.

Language is power. Remember this. Having your language taken away from you is having power and agency be stripped away from you. Having the ability to point out and criticize the people most active in committing exclusionary acts against you is being rendered entirely toothless. And that is the intended end-goal. 

To the members of the LGBTQIAP+ community incensed by this. Ask yourselves why your first reaction is to lash out at me and others who have been repeatedly abused and excluded and kicked at and attacked within the community, instead of the people within the ranks committing all of these acts? Food for goddamn thought.  

If you can’t/don’t have the capacity to march on the 21st, come train to be a volunteer clinic escort! LA for Choice walks patients into the Downey FPA every sunday, and we need more WOC and QTPOC and native spanish speakers out there volunteering. This is a chance to do local reproductive justice work with your friends! This is a PEOPLE OF COLOR ONLY SPACE, because not only womxn abort we will be using inclusive language. Checkout if you are not sure clinic escorting is for you and you wanna find out exactly what we do at the clinic and a copy of our Goals and Guidelines and non-violence policy. The cap is around 10 people so make sure to register! Space is still being decided but it will be around MacArthur Park.
To register:
-Make sure that you are a persxn of color
-Send $5 to venmo (if you do not have venmo or online paying system just emails us and let us now!)
-Email letting us know your name and a little bit of who you are and why you want to train. We will send instructions and location the day before the event. If there is any accessibility concern let us know in the email too. We are currently working on the location.

Hilarious: White feminist learns that black feminists hate her

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election victory, the left is eating itself.

To be fair, this had already begun before Trump’s election: old-school liberals -Jonathan Chait types who believe in free speech, for example - have been excoriated for their lack of commitment to social justice, while social justice warrior leftists have pioneered new forms of political and social pressure to be applied to all dissenters. But now that process has accelerated.

One case of this acceleration is the Women’s March on Washington, planned for the day after inauguration day. As The New York Times reports:

Ms. Willis, a 50-year-old wedding minister from South Carolina, had looked forward to taking her daughters to the march. Then she read a post on the Facebook page for the march that made her feel unwelcome because she is white. The post, written by a black activist from Brooklyn who is a march volunteer, advised “white allies” to listen more and talk less. It also chided those who, it said, were only now waking up to racism because of the election. “You don’t just get to join because now you’re scared, too,” read the post. “I was born scared.” Stung by the tone, Ms. Willis canceled her trip.

It’s rather ironic that it took a post like this to teach Willis that her social justice side sees people in terms of group rather than as individuals, particularly since Willis lamented, “This is a women’s march. We’re supposed to be allies in equal pay, marriage, adoption. Why is it now about, ‘White women don’t understand black women?’”

Because, Ms. Willis, it turns out that when you see people as terms of groups, a hierarchy of victimhood breaks out. You will be classified according to your highest victim status on the hierarchy. Women rank below black people on that hierarchy, and thus Willis is a victimizer rather than a member of the victimized. White women like Willis learned this the hard way from this march:

A debate then ensued about whether white women were just now experiencing what minority women experience daily, or were having a hard time yielding control. A young white woman from Baltimore wrote with bitterness that white women who might have been victims of rape and abuse were being “asked to check their privilege,” a catchphrase that refers to people acknowledging their advantages, but which even some liberal women find unduly confrontational.

If all of this sounds rather, well, racist and sexist, that’s because it is. But the left is blind to its own racism and sexism and divisiveness. That’s why Hillary Clinton can lament unconscious bias among racist Americans, yet get away with the overt racism of releasing a list of cabinet picks including “EPA: Likely an African American (and/or at Education).”

And it’s that double standard that so frustrates Americans. Identity politics means that sooner or later, your identity will be trumped by another identity - and that means that you’ll be seen as a lesser individual for reasons beyond your control. 

So the left will eat itself. Perhaps we can thank Trump for demonstrating to the left that their followers aren’t as interested in warring against conservatism as they are warring against members of all out-groups to which they don’t belong. 

Are we going to see black feminists segregate the races and push all the white women to the back of the pack during their Women’s March just as they have done to white people during BLM rallies? I wouldn’t be surprised. 

So it turns out, between 4 kids, 2 full time jobs and a host of other shit i can’t get away for a whole day to a march this weekend in DC or NYC – so i decided to take it upon myself to do something good, something that gives back and something that is directly fights Trump and all his ugliness.  

I have found a local organization that helps the people with mental health problems that is in need of professional photographs and will spend a few hours on Saturday doing it pro bono.

Even if you can’t get to a march you can still do good in your community! get out and volunteer! (and yes, todays shirt is @allheartgillian !) 


My mom was the queen at organizing. She did everything. Honestly, I don’t think she was happy unless she had ten parents asking her questions and another fifty to a hundred parents answering to the core ten. Need a band trip organized? Give her a week. Need a marching season organized? She’ll hound parents into volunteering for everything by the end of the month. Need a banquet planned? She’ll have everything bought in two days and a place reserved in another day.

After she died, even though it had been two years since either my sister or I had been in band, the band raised money for us, and they dedicated their final performance to her. Because she was so important to getting that program off the ground and running the way it does now. She was on the board for the first eight years the school was opened. She held the top four positions - president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and even volunteer coordinator. I think if she didn’t need sleep, she would have tried to do everything at once, but unfortunately, even super moms need those.

Everyone, while I was in band, would call her ‘Mom’ or ‘Marie’s Mom’ or ‘Miss Mom’ because she was their mom. She went to every event (except for one, because she accidentally set herself on fire). Need a spare volunteer because someone backed out? She was the one to do it. Need someone to go shopping to feed the band kids? She’ll do it. Nothing was beneath her. 

After she passed away, the band director texted me saying it was hard going on the state trip without her because she always coordinated them and was always his right hand man.

She touched so many lives, and left a little piece of herself behind in all of their hearts. She lives on in all of them. 

Princess Tessy of Luxembourg on serving in a warzone and being a victim of attempted abuse

By Princess Tessy of Luxembourg for the Daily Telegraph.

I have never before written about my experiences as a UN peacekeeper, but I wanted to support the United Nations Association – UK (UNA-UK) in raising awareness about peacekeeping. Here in the UK, we don’t often hear about the vital work of peacekeepers, including British troops serving in Cyprus, South Sudan, Somalia and elsewhere, let alone what it’s like to be a woman doing this job.

I joined the Luxembourg Army in June 2002, at barely 18 years of age. The first year of training was challenging but it was an incredible school of life. I learnt to deal with my weaknesses and transformed them into new strengths, from combat training and shooting exercises – still one of my passions – to  learning the theories of warfare.

The highlight of my five-year military career was my involvement in the UN peacekeeping mission in Kosovo from March to August 2004. I volunteered to take part in the Belukos 13/15 detachment and was the only female member of my draft.  Getting involved in peacekeeping is an extremely rewarding experience for soldiers.

This is life-saving work that we should all be proud of. Even though UN peacekeeping has been – rightly – criticised, not least due to charges of sexual abuse, peacekeeping remains a mobiliser of international goodwill that has encouraged armies from all over the world to work together to end, rather than start, wars.

My UN deployment is a memory that I will cherish forever. It taught me how to stay strong in difficult  situations. My day-to-day job was very simple: I  worked in a two-person unit that took care of logistics to support my colleagues. I drove a Hummer and a truck – or anything else to hand – and provided support during night watches, searches and other  operations.

But the core of my job was different. As a woman – one of very few female peacekeepers – I found that I was able to provide a service for women and girls, who suffer terribly in conflict zones. While doing night watches or searches, I was able to support them, listen to them and defend them.

There were times when I, like they, wanted to escape the harsh, male-dominated environment. I also experienced a degree of attempted abuse. Luckily, I had the tools and training to defend myself. However, hundreds of thousands of women all over the world are not as fortunate. I want to speak up for them.

Throughout my deployment I wanted to be strong; strong for all women who were suffering in conflict and post-conflict zones, and strong for my female military colleagues from all over the world. I felt I was part of a very important mission that only women could carry out.

Women are just as strong, hard-working and qualified as men, but they also create a different atmosphere. They are crucial to providing security in environments where women are generally the prime victims.  My peacekeeping experience has taught me  many vital skills: to be organised, professional, and compassionate towards individuals who need help and guidance.

Moreover, it taught me about leadership, teamwork and ethics.  I use these skills every day, both when I am  with my family and at work. Whenever I speak at conferences, I refer to my time as a female UN peacekeeper as one of my proudest achievements.

UNA-UK has long campaigned for the service of British peacekeepers to be recognised in this country. I hope all of you will join them in supporting the brave women and men who risk their lives for global peace.

Overwatch Tim Horton’s AU

Since @meridok​ had a post recently that mentioned the concept of a Tim Horton’s AU (as opposed to just the boring coffee shop bs), I’ve not been able to get the idea out of my head. Since I’ve also been way too into Overwatch lately and have seen too much fandom blather on my dash (also ur fault jay. fight me), I figured I’d combine it all into one to try and get it out of my system, so here goes!

Mei - The only person who doesn’t seem to mind working the drive-through window between November and March. She volunteers for snow-clearing duty every time as a way to escape the customers for a little bit.

McCree - Baker. Tries to use his position out back to avoid workplace drama, but somehow he keeps finding himself getting dragged back in. Spends about as much time smoking as he does actually preparing food, which he thinks makes him look cool, but he’ll get all flustered and go back to work the second he’s called out on it.

Lúcio - Insists he’s just working here until his DJ career kicks off, but in the meantime, he’s the store goofball. Always keeping everyone in high spirits with jokes, hijinks, and freestyle dis raps about shitty customers over the headsets, he’s one of the most beloved members of the team.

All the rest after the break

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anonymous asked:

Jessie I'm so stressed out oh my gosh. I'm ALREADY getting mail from colleges and I'm not ready for all that stress™. And my counselor might want me to double up on chemistry and physics honors, because it would be good preparation for majoring in earth science in college. I'm only a sophomore and this just seems like so much preparation already?! I might want to take pre calculus honors too next year & I take history honors as well. (Continued 1/2) -marching band anon

(Continued 2/2) I already do marching band, i have to get volunteer hours and I might be getting a job. A lot of my friends have the same work load as me, but I just don’t want to do so much that I’ll end up doing it half way, you know? p.s. I always feel better after I send you a message thank you omg -marching band anon

Oh my gosh, bby!!! That is a HUGE workload! I can totally understand why you’re so stressed!

I’ll weigh-in as someone who has gone through college just fine and hopefully help you decide what you wanna do. My suggestion is to not double up on sciences. While it might seem like a good idea to have extra classes in the field you want to study in the future (and it’s by no means a bad thing!!) colleges also love well-rounded applicants, which you are. You have a lot of academics, extra-curricular activities, and you’re going to volunteer and possibly work!

Please, believe me when I say you do not need to double up on sciences. You’re so young!! And you’re already doing so much!!

I’m so proud of you for juggling all of that, and I sure hope you find time to breathe and decompress a bit, too. Feel free to message me anytime, bby! I love you and I hope you have a good night!! <333

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Age: 15, turning 16 in March

Job: Nothing yet, but I volunteer at an animal shelter.

Talents: Oh gosh, idk!! Writing and Singing I guess. I’m also pretty good at making realistic bruises with eyeshadow haha

A Big Goal: To graduate high school and get a cute girlfriend.

Aesthetic: Whatever this blog is! Its kinda a mixture of lots of things idk

Collect Anything: Bones, Crystals, vintage trinkets, 90s toys

Topic you always talk about: My OCs and social justice issues.  

Pet Peeve: When people don’t respect each other, and don’t push chairs in.

3 Songs You’d Recommend:

- Angels of Porn by Nicole Dollanganger (All her songs are amazing)

- Diamond Hard by Kerli

- Guillotine by Jon Bellion

Tag People You want to get to know better: @nocturnal-cutie @max-or-whatever @lil-bundy-baby @ghstlygrl

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Dates and volunteers!

Quite a few more people have volunteered since the last time I posted, so here’s an update.

Every single date could still use more volunteers! I’m just posting these numbers to show how much progress this project has made since I started in November. There’s still plenty of time to volunteer if you’re interested.

About | How to help | Contact me | Volunteer

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One of the best things I’ve ever been a part of. Cincinnati, I am so proud of you. Women all over the country, I am so proud of you. Women who are standing in solidarity with us, I am so proud of you.
I will be doing what I can these next four years. I will be donating and volunteering and marching. We have to take care of each other when our government refuses to.