March Holiday Madness: March 18 – Awkward Moments Day

In honor of March’s most awkward holiday, here’s SNL’s Cecily Strong describing the worst time she’s ever bombed onstage. 


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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon presents: March (Holiday) Madness

March is cold and long and we thought you could use some fun to get you through. So we hit the Internet and found all the weird, funny, and obscure holidays we could find to fill out our March calendar. And we’re going to celebrate every single one of them. 

Every day for the month of March, we’ll share pictures, posts, or videos of us celebrating that day’s holiday. And you are totally invited to this party. Use the calendar above (printable version here) to see what we’re celebrating and tweet us your own photos with #HolidayMadness. We’ll share our favorites!



March (Holiday) Madness: March 8 - Proof Reading Daay

In the honor of National Prooff Reading day we here at Late NIght with Jimmy Falon blog team would like to take a moment to bring attention to the importance of proof reading

Proofreading you’re posts that you do on TUmblr and on life or in the work place or in general is improtant because grammatical error and sloppy spelling are plagueing this generation and we it makes us look dumber and and were not dumb and we shouldn’t use emoticons so much which is kind of a different argruement but still.

Its important to just taket the the time to carefuly read the things that your putting on the internet and we applaud those who take the time to do so.  

So now that it is this proof Reading Day we ask that you promise to go out there and take just a few xtra seconds to check youre’ postings or e-Mials or tweets for errors they that may be there because it will make you make you look like a more intelligents human.


The L8 Night With Jimmy Fal’on Blogging teem


March Holiday Madness - March 27 - National Joe Day

It’s National Joe Day, so we decided to throw a little celebration for everyone named Joe in the office. Turns out there’s only one person named Joe, so all the glory stickers, streamers, and buttons went to him. 

Why not find someone you know named Joe and do a somethin’ somethin’ for them?

Badly-punned balloons are encouraged, but not required. 


Happy Panic Day from the Late Night staff!


March (Holiday) Madness: March 14 is Pi Day!

It’s Pi Day, so our interns went head-to-head to see who could recite the most digits of Pi.

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March Holiday Madness: March 19 – Poultry Day

Here’s celeb judges Tina Fey, John Slattery (Mad Men) and Steve Higgins deciding who makes better fried chicken: Questlove or chef David Chang.