Western release: March 7th.

Game is now available for preorder via the Squeenix store (which, thank god, has changed its user interface so now it’s possible to actually place an order). If you’re feeling particularly rich they are offering a Black Box limited edition version as well; otherwise, Day One release.

Should note that the latter, to my knowledge, is not a Squeenix store exclusive, so if you go through a different retailer it will probably offer the Day One bonuses within the next couple of weeks once it becomes officially official.

(To be perfectly honest I would recommend, if you aren’t interested in the Black Box, going through another retailer; Squeenix Store has been fixed since last I browsed it but it’s still kind of awful and doesn’t provide release-day delivery because fuck you for giving us money, I guess.)

PS4 demo to be released within a couple of weeks.



“As it says in the name of our band, we record the traces of our existence in the music, and in the lyrics of the songs I write there are many that deal with “life and death”. However in everything I write there is always one light. I want that light to be a hand extended to you when your heart feels as if it’s going to break.”                                                                                    -miko exist†trace


RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Super Trailer is here!! Get into it, Hennies. 


S1E2 : SECOND DEATH curent on Air
S1E1 : The Beast Rises

Air Date : March 7th, 2016
Season Number : 1
Episode Number : 2
Episode Name : Second Death
Networks : A&E
Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Damien becomes the target of several conspiracies after his secret is revealed; a mysterious benefactor intercedes when Damien is interrogated by Detective Shay.

Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 Episode 1 Full Episode Online

Air Date : March 7th, 2016
Season Number : 8
Episode Number : 1
Episode Name : Keeping It 100!
Networks : Logo
Genres : Reality

Join RuPaul, the world’s most famous drag queen, as the host, mentor and judge for “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Logo’s new reality series which will be the ultimate in drag queen competitions. The top 9 drag queens in the U.S. will vie for drag stardom as RuPaul, in full glamazon drag, will reign supreme in all judging and eliminations, while the debonair Mr. RuPaul will help guide the contestants as they prepare for each challenge.



For anyone that ever asks me why I do colorguard, or why it means so much to me, this video is the most accurate explanation that I can give. I owe an enormous thank you to all of the people that helped me pull off this project, it’s been a lot of fun from the start up until the last cut. Thank you so much for watching.