Weekend Update 26/3

The cherry blossoms are in bloom and so are the gokagai!

Karyukai News
-The spring odori season began on Friday with the opening of Kamishichiken’s Kitano Odori (北野をどり). It runs from March 24th to April 7th.
-Just in time for the odori season Umeno (梅乃) in Kamishichiken has a new shikomi!
-The Miyako Odori (都をどり) of Gion Kobu and the Kyō Odori (京をどり) of Miyagawa Cho will both begin on April 1st. The Miyako Odori will be at the Shunjūza Theatre at the Kyoto University of Art and Design this year due to renovations in the kaburenjo and will run from April 1st to April 23rd. The Kyō Odori will be running from April 1st to the 18th.

Blog News
-What’s In a Book? Part 23 looked at The Life of a Geisha by Eleanor Underwood.
-The Random Fact of The Week looked at odori kimono again.
-Mylo’s Pick of The Week went to Fukune (ふく音) of Kawayoshi (河よ志) in Miyagawa Cho.
-I wrote a PSA on Danna to help dispel any confusion that can arise around that topic. 
-We looked at special misedashi outfits that are worn over very long periods of time.
-Your questions have been fantastic this week and it’s been a pleasure to answer all of them. Thank you for continuing to send them in ^^!

Renault Trezor voted concept car of the year at Geneva Car Design Awards

The Renault Trezor has been crowned 2016’s Concept Car Design of the Year, based exclusively on the votes of a 20-strong judging panel featuring some of the world’s top car designers. The peer-reviewed award, received by Anthony Lo, Vice President, Exterior Design and Stéphane Janin, Concept-Car Director, was presented at a gala ceremony in Geneva (Tuesday, March 7th, 2017).

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character aesthetics ~ simon heap

muse // hoodoo

[TRANS] 170317 IU confirmed to comeback with 4th full album on 21st April (Official)

Singer IU is confirmed to comeback with her 4th full length album on 21st April.

According to her agency Loen - Fave Entertainment, IU will be meeting fans of her music again on 21st April with her 4th full length album. Ahead of her 4th album, 2 pre-released tracks will be out on 24th March and 7th April respectively.

IU took on the role of producing and has matured musically through her 4th album. 

According to her agency, ‘Currently, we’re in the midst of finishing the final preparations on the album. IU collaborated with a variety of talented musicians and will be showcasing work from different angles for this album.’ ‘With IU’s experiments (regarding music genres) and her unique lyricism, this makes the album something to look forward to even more.’

After IU’s pre-released track on 24th March, a large-scale PRE-RELEASE project will be underway over 5 weeks, to give everyone a taste of the concept of the new album through the pre-released tracks and teasers as part of her comeback. The high quality music contents are a present that fans of IU’s music who have been waiting for her comeback will welcome.

IU’s 4th full album will be out on 21st April on Melon and other online music sites and the pre-released track will be out on 24th March.

Translated by IUteamstarcandy

Source: Newsen

TENTEN APPRECIATION WEEK -  March 7th (Tuesday) - Scrolls

“The day Tenten brought her new big scroll was the same day Neji realized that she had changed a lot recently…”

@papabay​ will you participate in Tenten Apreciation Week in honour to her birthday? This my picture of Tenten is also dedicated to YOU, becouse you are my everlasting inspiration for NejiTen drawing! <3

A little question

Guys what would you prefer:
1. Faster updates but smaller pages
2. Bigger page sizes but the update takes longer

It’s about Hidoku.

Be x Boy has an ebook version available now. I ordered the magazine on march 7th and it’s still not here. So we bought the online version, that has been launched today, too.

Pro’s are, that we can update faster, because we’d have the magazine on the day it’s being released and our cleaner wouldn’t have to edit as much as she has to with the magazine scans. (And it’s three times cheaper.)

Con’s are, that the pages are way smaller.
I tested it, it looks good on phone and computer screen, but it’s not good for people who like to do edits and stuff.

I’m thinking about this all day. Hmph.
We’re gonna use the online version for ch 2 as a test run, but I would still like to know the opinion of the people who’ll read it.

So please let us know what you think.
Thank you :)