28th March 2017 …and we are still whirling and enduring!

Oh Yes! …I’m sorry SP and Kishimoto, shoots your worst fanservice whenever you want …but Sakura Haruno IS the true heroine and she WILL ALWAYS BE!

Happy Birthday queen of my heart!

psss! yes she is on a motherfuffing Katsuyu in her badass samurai outfit form the old 616 ch cover!  …This would have seemed an ancient japanese picture but I think I’ve totally failed

🌸28th of March🌸

 Look what day it is, guys~


Even though, unfortunately, we don’t have any projects for this day, there’re going to be lots of reblogegd stuff for you anyways! Let’s fill the sakura’s tag with positivity and love for this girl, she deserves the world 🌹

Happy birthday, Sakura!


March 28th 1871: Paris Commune declared

On this day in 1871, following elections held two days prior, the Paris Commune was officially proclaimed. The Commune seized power in opposition to the election of a conservative National Assembly February 1871; republican Parisians feared that when they met in Versailles the royalist Assembly would restore the monarchy. When officials of Adolphe Thiers’s government tried to remove the city guard’s cannons as a precautionary measure on March 18th, the people rebelled. The city guard called municipal elections for March 26th, which saw victory for the revolutionaries, who established the Commune to govern the city of Paris. On March 28th, the new government held its first meeting and was formally declared. The Commune immediately set about enacting socialist policies, which included a ten-hour work day, abolition of the death penalty, end of military conscription, banning established religion and promoting female suffrage. They adopted a plain red flag as the flag of the Commune, and envisioned that the situation in Paris would encourage a nationwide revolution. The Commune’s lack of internal organisation left them vulnerable to attack, but the catalyst for retribution came when Communard soldiers killed two French troops. On May 21st, national forces entered Paris through an undefended area, launching a violent campaign of street fighting known as ‘Bloody Week’. Around 20,000 insurrectionists were killed before the Commune fell on May 28th. The government treated the surviving Communards and their supporters ruthlessly - arresting around 38,000 and deporting another 7,000. The Commune became a symbol of socialist revolution in Europe and further abroad, with their supporters lamenting the martyrdom of the Communards.


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달리고 또 달린다~ 달려라 방탄!🏃🏃미리보기👀

2017년 3월 28일 PM 9:00(KST)
RUN BTS! 2017 - Epi.16
@ V LIVE BTS Channel


Run and run again~ Run BTS! 🏃🏃 Preview 👀

2017 March 28th PM 9:00(KST)
RUN BTS! 2017 - Epi.16
@ V LIVE BTS Channel

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Harry Shum Jr. Instagram Live (March 28th, 2017) ;via @ShumDarioNews

Coming Home

Originally posted by moosamuel

Pairing: Sam x Reader x Cas
Word count: 557
: Anonymous. Could you please do a oneshot with Cas x reader x Sam where they’re cuddling and it’s just really cute?? I’m in desperate need of cuddles. Especially from them

This is Our Life

Yawning, you walked into your room, smiling as you saw your husbands. “I can’t believe she’s a year old already.” You sighed, crawling into between them. Your head was on Cas’s chest, your hand on his stomach.

Sam chuckled, putting his book down before rolling to his side. His arm went over yours, his fingers lacing together with yours on Cas’s stomach. He kissed between your shoulder blades, smiling. “I love watching you with them.” He told you lovingly.

“I’m not having another for a long time, Sammy.” You teased him. “No matter how much you butter me up.” You knew he was play pouting behind you, judging by Cas’s chuckling. You smiled up at him. “Same goes for you, mister.”

Cas grinned. “Okay.”

Your head was on Cas’s lap as you watched a movie with the kids. His hand was on your barely there bump, his thumb rubbing it gently. “I know you’d give in.” He teased you.

Looking up at him, you stuck your tongue out at him. “Not my fault I married such convincing men.” You laughed. “Making me melt by being so cute with the kids.”

Hearing the door open, both kids shot up, running towards the door. Max was 5, and Eliza was just over a year and a half. Now, here you were, 16 weeks pregnant with your 3rd. You looked over, smiling as you saw Sam walk in holding both kids. “There’s my beautiful wife, and handsome husband.” He grinned, setting the kids down. Once they went back to their movie, he moved your feet up long enough to sit down. Putting them on his lap, he started to gently rub your feet, making you close your eyes. “Feel good?”

“Oh, yeah.” You chuckled, blushing.

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