It was the 28th of March, 2016, and 4-year-old Liu Yi-jie Wang was cycling her bike to a Taipei metro station with her mother, Claire Wang, to meet her grandfather. Liu Yi-jie was around a meter ahead of her mother when her bicycle became stuck and she was unable to get it up on to the sidewalk. Claire saw a man approaching her daughter and assumed that he was going to help her lift her bike onto the sidewalk. However, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. As the man approached little Liu Yi-jie, he produced a large meat cleaver and began to brutally slash at the young girl.

Her mother started to scream and attempted to get the man off her daughter but he was much too strong. The man overpowered Claire and continued to slash and stab at Liu Yi-jie. A number of onlookers successfully got the man off Liu Yi-jie but it was much too late. She had been completely decapitated with the meat cleaver.

The man was later identified as 33-year-old Wang Ching-yu, who did not know the Wang family and had purchased the meat cleaver earlier on in te morning. Prosecutors said that a toxicology report found no drugs in his system, adding that he did not display any signs of mental illness following the attack. However, it was noted that he had previously been hospitalised due to mental health issues.

HAPPY 2017!!!!!
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Fairy Tail Fandom schedule

I`ve decided to make a full schedule for the fandom. with blogs and dates. (just click on them i put the link)

please for every week/day/weekend/month that appears let me know to add it there

deleted weeks who dont have any blog anymore i didn`t add

please reblog it so people can find about them.

January (Character Days, Couple Days, Couple Weeks and Fests)

JURICHIYA DAY (January 8th) 

FAIRY TAIL WEEK (January 17th- January 25th)

LALU WEEK (January 20th- January 26th) (i think this is the link since this blog hosted last year if not let me know)


FRAXUS LOVE FEST (February 4th- February 10th)  (i think this is the link since this blog hosted last year if not let me know)

GRUVIA LOVE FEST (February 10th- January 17th)

GAJEVY WEEK (February 14th- February 19th)

LYORAY WEEK (February 15th- February 21st)


LUCY DAY (March 9th)

LAXANA LOVE FEST (March 14th-March 20)

LORIES WEEK (March 22nd- March 28th)

JELLAL DAY (March 29th)


GRUVIA WEEK (April 1st- April 7th)

ICHIYA DAY (April 1st)

ERZA DAY (April 10th)

STINGUE WEEKEND ( April 8- April 10th)

GRATSU FLUFF WEEK (April 10th-April 17th)

NATSU DAY (April 11th)



JUVIA DAY (April 18th) 

LYREDY WEEK (April 20th- April 27th)

BIXLOW WEEK (April 28th- May 5th)

LAXUS DAY (April 25th)

MAVIS DAY (April 30th)



ANGST WEEK (May 1st- May 7th)

GRAYLU ANGST WEEK (May 6th- May 12th)

ZERVIS FLUFF FEST (May 8th- May 14th)


STINERVA WEEK (May 11th- May 17th)

FLUFF WEEK (May 13th- May 21st)

CANA DAY (May 15th)

JERZA WEEK (May 26th- June 2nd)

LISANNA DAY (May 29th)


LYVIA WEEK (June 1st- June 7th)

LUCY DAY (June 4th)

STING DAY (June 10th)

YUKINO DAY (June 13th)

LAXANA DAY (June 16th)

ULTEAR DAY (June 19th)

ROGUE WEEKEND (June 26th- June 28th)

GRATSU DAY (June 30th)


NALU WEEK (July 1st- July 7th)

NATSU DAY (July 2nd)

GRATSU WEEK (July 5th- July 12th) 

FAIRY TAIL MONTH (July 6th- August 2nd)

FRAXUS WEEK (July 15th - July 21st.)

NALI WEEK (July 21st- July 27th)

NALU DAY (July 26th)


LEVY DAY (August 1st)

NAVIA WEEK (August 1st- August 8th)

LOLU WEEK (August 11th- August 17th)

GRAYZA WEEK (August 18th- August 25th)

GAJEVY LOVE FEST (August 22th- August 28th)

BROTP WEEK (August 25th- August 31st)

MIRAFREED DAY (August 28th)


GRAYLU WEEK (September 1st- September 7th)

JURICHIYA WEEK ( September 1st-September 7th)

GRAY DAY (September 1st)

GRAYLU DAY (September 6th)

GRUVIA DAY(September 10th)

NALU FLUFF WEEK (September 8th- September 14th)

ZERVIS WEEK (September 14th- September 20th)

LUVIA WEEK (September 25th- October1st)

MIRAXUS LOVE FEST (September 26th- October 2nd)


BIXANNA WEEK (October 1st- October 8th)

JUVIA DAY (October 2nd)

GAJEEL DAY (October 2nd)

STINGLU WEEK (October 7th- October 13th)

TEAM NATSU WEEK (October 11th- October 18th)

UVANA WEEK (October 14th- October 20th)

ZEREF DAY (October 15th)

NALU LOVE FEST (October 19th- October 25th)

JERZA LOVE FEST (October 27th- November 2nd)


ROLU WEEK (November 3rd- November 9th)

FRAXUS DAY (November 5th)

MIRAXUS DAY (November 8th)

WENDY DAY (November 9th)

STINGUE WEEK (November 11th- November 15th)

FREED WEEKEND (November 17th- November 18th)

LAXANA WEEK (November 19th- November 25th)

SHALILY WEEK (November 23rd- 29th)


GAJEVY DAY (December 8th)

STINGYU WEEK (December 1st- December 7th)

GRUVIA FLUFF FEST (December 8th- December 14th)

MIRAXUS WEEK (December 14th- December 20th)

I am thrilled to share my piece for a Tim Burton tribute show I am a part of. I picked Corpse Bride, since it’s my favourite movie of his and I can never get over how breath-taking that final scene is. 

The exhibition is held at the Gladstone Gallery in Toronto, and will be up March 28th - April 14th. I really encourage you to check it out; the artwork is done by artists in the animation industry, and is an all-female show!!


PS4 Exclusive Titles | Coming in 2017

  • GT Sport - TBC 2017
  • Hellblade - TBC 2017
  • Drawn To Death - TBC 2017
  • Nier: Automata - 7th March
  • Detroit: Becoming Human - TBC 2017
  • Yakuza 0 - 12th March 2017
  • Farpoint (PlayStation VR) - TBC 2017
  • Uncharted 4: Lost Legacy - TBC 2017
  • Matterfall - TBC 2017
  • Gravity Rush 2 - 20th January 2017
  • Wipeout Collection - TBC 2017
  • MLB The Show 17 - 28th March 2017
  • New hot Shots Golf - TBC 2017
  • Dreams - TBC 2017
  • Pyre - TBC 2017
  • Persona 5 - 4th April 2017
  • Nioh - 8th February 2017
  • World of Warriorrs - TBC 2017
  • Knack 2 - Expected Q3 2017
  • Pappa the Rapper HD - TBC 2017
  • Starblood Arena (PlayStation VR) - TBC 2017
  • Horizon: Zero Dawn - 1st March 2017 

anonymous asked:

would you happen to know any book with a demisexual main character?

I would! Overexposed by Megan Erickson is m/m NA with a demisexual MC, and the only book I’ve seen where the MC IDs as demi on the page. Alice Oseman’s Radio Silence has a major demi character (also on page); that’s out in the UK now, and out in the US on March 28th. For some characters who read demi and have been more or less confirmed to be by their creators, check out Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld (f/f YA) and Second Position by Katherine Locke (m/f NA/Romance).

I’m going to be in Disney World from February 28th to March 6th.

I’m going to talk about that instead.

We’re staying at Port Oreans-Riverside. @just-the-spare will be staying with me for the first two nights before my sister comes down on Thursday (yay!). I will get to see my girls, and @cjgren, and my friend Rebecca from way back in my Canada days. 

It will be Flower & Garden time, so we will have lots of tasty things to eat and lots of pretty things to look at. The weather will probably be nice. I’ll be off my 90-day probation with my job and have a whole week of paid vacation. 

Something very nice to look forward to on this dark day.

Almost One YEAR of Beast Nest!

Hey little beasts!! So I was filling out one of those ask tag game things (which you can see on @beastkeeper if you’d like) and one of the questions asked when I made my blog. I wasn’t sure how to figure that out but I was interested, so I googled it. If you go to your archive and sort by date, then you can find the first month you were active, and the date of your first post. I checked this for all of my blogs, and I realized that we are coming up on a year of beast nesting in March!! Our one year anniversary is Tuesday, March 28th, and I happen to be on vacation that week, so…I am strongly considering doing a 24 hour event to celebrate. I would probably plan to be active from 12:00am-11:59pm (EST) and have various activities like periscope, tiny chat, games, submission prompts, etc. If you’re interested in this event being a thing, or have any ideas for things to do, please please message me! Love you little beasts!! -BK