Today is March 23, 2011

You know what that means! Exactly one year from now, on March 23, 2012, The Hunger Games will hit the theaters. One more fucking year, I’ll witness my favorite book be turned into a movie.

I can just imagine my reaction when I’ll go see it. When the film starts rolling like:

I would be like:

And then I would just cry myself all through out the movie

But then I’m gonna watch it again for like 5268 more times


Official Hunger Games Teaser Trailer.

OMG. My world just stopped dead in it’s tracks.


On March 23, 2012, the world was watching. Across the country, theaters were sold out. Fans grasped their tickets, waiting to take their seats. At the stroke of midnight, The Hunger Games — the most highly anticipated film of the year — exploded into theaters. Like the book it was based on, the movie was an instant sensation. A phenomenon. A force. Viewers connected with the characters, the themes, and the story in a visceral and powerful way. For four weeks, it was the most popular movie of the nation, eventually grossing $408 million in the United States alone. It was the biggest-ever release in the month of March, the third highest grossing film of 2012, and the thirteenth-highest-grossing film of all time.  


The Hunger Games Trailer | March 23, 2012

Holy shit. So the official theatrical trailer is finally out. When I saw the first one, I was like “Eh, this is alright.” Because you know, that was kind of what I was expecting. I didn’t expect the movie to be as amazing as the book. But now that I saw the second trailer, my mind is blown away. Completely. I am no longer worry that the movie might not live up to my expectations. Because it will. It was that awesome. Ahha. Anywho, I am so hyped for this! I can’t wait till March 23, 2012. :D