Mario Party 10  x  amiibo (20/03/2015)

Super mario series. amiibo ~ Princess Peach

Front + Back box designs.

Oh, it was a funny joke
  • Moon: Can I have a word with you, Sun?
  • Sun: Any time you like, Moon.
  • Moon: Well, look. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I was wondering, if you wouldn’t mind, possibly, just… backing off a bit.
  • Sun: From you?
  • Moon: From me, and from the Earth.
  • Sun: Okay. Might be tricky, er… why, though?
  • Moon: Well, i-it’s just, the earth and I are getting on really well at the moment.
  • Sun: Oh, yes?
  • Moon: Yeah, we’ve got this shared interest in… tides. Thing is, when you come round every day, it’s making me look a bit bad, in comparison.
  • Sun: Oh, right.
  • Moon: Yeah. There I am, shining my hardest, illuminating everything, and you know what they call it? Night!
  • Sun: Oh dear, er… so let’s see if I’ve got this straight. You want me to back away from the Earth, leaving the Earth where it is.
  • Moon: Please.
  • Sun: And you want me to stop coming round the Earth so often.
  • Moon: Would you mind? I, I just think it would make me look better.
  • Sun: …leaving aside certain practical difficulties, better in what way?
  • Moon: Well, you know, brighter.
  • Sun: Oh, I see! You want me to go further away so that your light, the light you shine, will seem brighter.
  • Moon: Yes! Is that so hard?
  • Sun: It’s quite hard.
  • Moon: It’s just when I’m compared every day with a vast miasma of incandescent plasma like you, I can’t help feeling a bit—
  • Sun: Eclipsed?
  • Moon: I knew you weren’t fine with that! How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?
  • Sun: No, I am fine with it, it was funny, “Hey! Earth! Look, look, I’m as big as the Sun!” oh, it was a funny joke.
  • Moon: Yeah.
  • Sun: Because it’s so untrue. Sooo untrue.
  • Moon: Yes. I know.
  • Sun: But anyway, look, I’d like to help, I’d be quite happy to move away, leave you and the Earth where you are and let you beam forth your powerful moonlight in peace—
  • Moon: Thanks.
  • Sun: —I just don’t think it’s… possible.
  • Moon: Not possible?
  • Sun: No, sorry.
  • Moon: Right. Fine, no worries. …Stuck up sod. Thinks the world revolves around him.

20th march 2016 :
[30/100 days of productivity]

taken from my ig: @study.relief // a bit of revision everyday keeps the failing grades away ~ prepared for my IB spanish abinitio oral today which is after these easter holidays. i also went for a short run afterwards since it was a super sunny day today! +zebra sarasa clip 0.5 / headings ✨✨