march vamp


     I’ll Be Remembering You ——- 

             Whatever Else I Do !!

               ( Multi-Muse by James ) feat. in this promo, James Patrick March

                                         @embattledment edit by VAMP

happy egg uwu

i updated hte jongtae masterlist (((nd the other masterlist with one fic lmao))) for hte new year

nd i also made a schedule page so ull kno what fics r comin up uwu uwu

also also i found this one site that told me my top posts for each month this year s o

lil fic rec uwu

January: Jongyu; Vanilla; R; Jinki suddenly gets the ability to read minds and wow is he on Jonghyun’s mind a lot

February: Jongtae; Harry Potter AU; PG; au where taem is a muggleborn ravenclaw nd isnt havin any of hogwarts’ no technology bullshit

March: Jongtae; Vamp AU; PG; i think we all kno what vamp au is lmao

April: Jongtae; Eye-Sex; PG-13; *leans against a wall* hey u wanna make out *slips nd falls down*

May: Jongyu; Actually Familiar; PG; magic baker jong nd jinki bein all cute nd awk nd taem the ferret bein a lil shit uwu

June: i did not post a fic in june otl

July: Jongtae; Makes the Boys go Noot Noot; PG; Summer AU Day 2: Dudebros

August: Jongtae: Summer AU Masterlist; PG to NC-17; summer au is a blessin tbh

September: Jongtae; ( ಠ∀ಠ); NC-17; that one ask for taem gettin laid after his first win nd jong cryin in the middle of it

October: Jongtae; A Castle-Oriented Story; PG; Aro Jong Ace Taem fantasy prince-locked-in-a-castle au uwu

November: Jongtae; Why This; PG-13; We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances

December: Jongtae; Less Traditional; PG; Aro Taem askin Jonghyun to marry him

six really’s

for the dizzying feeling you get when you like someone so much that you stop correcting your typos when you text them

love is easy // the mowgli’s. heart on my sleeve // mary lambert. i really like you // carly rae jepsen. tongue tied // grouplove. shut up and dance with me // walk the moon. fell in love with a girl // the white stripes. dreaming // smallpools. somebody to you // the vamps. march into the sun // echosmith. home by now // bombay bicycle club. i would do anything for your // foster the people. then we kiss // icona pop 



Performing ‘Cecilia’ and singing Happy Birthday to Connor at The Wanted’s Word of Mouth Tour in Aberdeen (March 15, 2014)