march tour!


Louis during Rock Me, Cardiff, 3/3/13

Robert Plant with the caveman look he adopted for Zeppelin’s Return to the Club tour of March 1971.

This was Zep’s attempt to return to their grass roots. The goal was to reconnect with fans , like playing venues similar to when the band first formed , and charging the same low ticket prices. It was a gesture to thank their fans. They also road tested songs from their upcoming LZ IV album on this tour.  

I know it's been four years but....

Closing show of a twenty one pilots tour (on march 22, 2019)

They haven’t done an encore all your long

But tonight they do.

All the lights go dark

That blessed intro is played on the piano once again.

Everyone stirs for a moment thinking “it can’t be!” But then realize “they’ve done this before, and it’s been six years…”

Spotlight comes on. Josh and Tyler are wearing the black parade uniforms.

He sings the first two lines

A third spotlight comes on the entrance to the stage and out walks Brendon Urie, dressed in the uniform as well.

He struts in stage and sings “to see a marching band he said”

And right as Brendon finishes, out walks Patrick Stump finishing the verse.

All the singers my chemical romance had worked with over the years come out, and sing the next verse.

Lights go dark

Just as every one thinks the mysterious show is over! The song continues, but with a vibrancy that has not been heard in a long time.

Spotlights return, but only on one person: Gerard Way. He finishes the song.

And that is how they announce their reunion.

busy busy 2017

This year is a busy one for me career-wise. My breakdown:

Feb 7: 

+ book tour Feb, March, and April. This middle grade novel is fun fun fun

May 2:

+ book tour, BookCon, & SDCC. This graphic novel is my heart.


New covers for the Books of Bayern (wait till you see them in print–gorgeous!)

Fall will bring two more books: the 5th Princess in Black and a super secret middle grade novel that will make some of you very happy. Titles and covers TBA.

I’ll post tour schedules here as soon as they’re finalized. Thanks to my readers for allowing me to continue this crazy career. I’ll see you on the road!