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a list of some of my favorite stories so far in “We Who Are Alive and Remain”
  • Shifty told a story about an incident of him and some other guys playing poker in a barn in Mourmelon and while they were concentrating on the game super hard, a guy took his hand grenade, poured the powder out, put it back together, came into the barn, worked the pin so the grenade came off his chest and fell to the floor, and screamed “live grenade!” and everyone dove to the floor as cards and money went everywhere
  • Ed Pepping said, “You’ve probably never heard this from a paratrooper, but when Pearl Harbor happened, I was recording the Metropolitan Opera”
  • Shifty and Popeye signed up for the paratroopers together

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Assassin’s Creed Birthdays!

Claudia Auditore- January 2nd
Agnes MacBean- January 5th
Catherine Gladstone- January 6th
Frederick Abberline- January 8th
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad- January 11th
Benjamin Franklin- January 17th
Rebecca Crane- February 3rd
Charles Lee- February 6th
Charles Dickens- February 7th
Charles Darwin- February 12th
George Washington- February 22nd
Nigel Bumble- February 22nd
Clara O'Dea- February 24th
Alexander Graham Bell- March 3rd
Daniel Cross- March 9th
Edward Kenway- March 10th
Desmond Miles- March 13th
Mario Auditore- March 19th
Lydia Frye- March 19th
Anne Bonny- March 23rd
Ratonhnhaké:ton- April 4th
Álvaro Gramática- April 4th
Leonardo da Vinci- April 15th
George Westhouse- April 30th
Giovanni Auditore- May 3rd
Niccolo Machiavelli- May 3rd
Maximilien Robespierre- May 6th
Florence Nightingale- May 12th
Bartholomew Roberts (Pirate Sage)- May 17th
Arthur Conan Doyle- May 22th
Queen Victoria- May 24th
Marquis de Sade- June 2th
Robert Topping- July 7th
Violet da Costa- June 14th
Juhani Otso Berg- June 17th
Aveline de Grandpré- June 20th
Ezio Auditore- June 24th
Lucrezia Borgia- June 24th
Richard Owen- July 20th
Galina Voronina- July 30th
Lucy Thorne- August 8th
Napoleon Bonaparte- August 15th
John Standish (Modern Sage)- August 16th
Crawford Starrick- August 18th
Arno Dorian- August 26th
Prince Albert- August 26th
Duleep Singh (The Last Maharaja)- September 6th
Shay Cormac- September 12th
Cesare Borgia- September 13th
Samuel Adams- September 27th
Isabelle Ardant- October 4th
Ned Wynert- October 5th
Pearl Attaway- October 20th
Callum Lynch- October 21st
Evie Frye- November 9th
Jacob Frye- November 9th
Mary Anne Disraeli- November 11th
Shaun Hastings- November 16th
Edward “Thatch” Blackbeard- November 23rd
Haytham Kenway- December 4th
Jayadeep Mir (Henry Green)- December 7th
Benjamin Disraeli- December 21st
Calico Jack- December 26th
John Pitcairn-December 28th
William Gladstone- December 29th

I was too sick to travel to DC and my post-flu lungs weren’t strong enough to march 3+ miles in Seattle. But my buddies and I went to Seattle Center and watched the marchers arrive at the end. At one point my peeps went to get food and I just stood and leaned against a pole by Key Arena for a couple hours and people watched and eavesdropped on white women thanking the police for not letting it end up like “those other marches”. Lots or people posing for pictures with the cops too. Meanwhile, the whole time the cops were just standing around talking shit about the march and about their boss and their coworkers. They weren’t “doing” anything. And then one cop started calling a black queer marcher names and instigating shit. But all those pink pussies sure were grateful for the police presence. Because police keep pink pussies safe.
All that said, it was still a very beautiful and inspiring event. I’m really glad I dragged my ass out of bed and went. And I have been getting choked up looking at footage of the response and turn out all around the world. So many mixed feelings. A real emotional hodgepodge. Seattle is such a strangely progressive yet segregated place. People can be really really “not racist” while being really quite “actually racist” at the same time. I have a lot of thoughts on that but I am a little too wiped out to say more words about it right now.
I know that the cop lovers were just a fraction of the massive massive massive amount of people there. SOOOOOOO many people. It was pretty mind-blowing. I just wish all the people who are suddenly up in arms because their reproductive rights are threatened had answered the call all along as Black folks, people of color, Indigenous folks, immigrants, queer folks, trans folks, peeps with disabilities, and Muslims were crying out “HEY! OUR LIVES ARE IN DANGER!!!” INSTEAD of acting like we were overreacting.
But then they might have had to show up at “those other marches”.
Maybe things would be different if people showed up before it became about them. Instead so many people waited until it became about them. As the fascists rose to power.
The civil rights page came down from the White House website and a page about giving more power to law enforcement went up. How many years ago was that article in the New York Times about how white nationalists were infiltrating police forces? How many Black people have been killed by police who got away with it? Police forces are militarized. They want bunkers. They are being given more power. They are going to be his hit men. Helping him eradicate the marginalized even more than they already do with even fewer consequences.
And some of you are still kissing police ass and think the cops are good guys. Because the cops aren’t killing you.
Anyway, I’m still glad everyone was out there. All those bodies hitting the streets, the sheer numbers out there, it means something. And it helps.
I’m overwhelmed though.
I just hope it’s not the kind of thing where once/if uteruses become safe people stop standing up for the other stuff.
I hope people keep working at a grassroots level to make change within communities.
I’m scared. And I’m motivated.
I wish I was in DC right now at the show. I’m so bummed I couldn’t get there and play.
Dave Matthews walked past me today.
I wanted to belt out “Graaaaaaavediggahhhhhhhh.” but I just sang it quietly instead.
This world is terrifying and weird and wild. I’m tired.
I love you.

An Army Ranger, a Recon Marine, a Navy SEAL, and a member of Delta Force are sitting around a camp fire. The Army Ranger, bragging about his exploits says “You guys aren’t so tough, I once parachuted down, marched fifty miles, and killed everyone in sight.” The Recon Marine is unimpressed, and says, “That’s nothing, I once made a beach landing, marched 60 miles, and killed everyone in sight.” The SEAL is unimpressed, he says “That’s nothing, I once swam 10 miles to shore, marched 70 miles, and killed everyone in sight with my bare hands.” Thoroughly impressed, they all look over at the Delta Force member, and he’s dead silent, just stirring the coals of the fire with his dick.

The greatest terrorist threat to our country right now is Steve Bannon. And he’s controlling Trump. He wrote his inauguration speech and filled it with white nationalist rhetoric and slogans. He’s behind a lot of these poorly vetted executive orders. Read that quote on the right. He’s doing it knowingly to create chaos and unrest so he can literally break our government and install a totalitarian regime that puts white men solely in control of everything. He loves Andrew Jackson, i.e. the turd who created the Trail of tears and forced almost 17k Native Americans to leave their homes in the south in 1830 and march a thousand miles. 30-40% of them died en route. That is genocide. Bannon thinks that’s great. This man was just promoted to the National Security Council. Trump demoted the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the head of the CIA, and his National Security Advisor and promoted Bannon above them. This is unheard of. This is not okay. This guy now has control of our president and a huge say in National Security and he believes in breaking our democracy and genocide.

I see people expecting things to go farther south very quickly, expecting national guard troops to be sent in to break up protests and for Trump to institute martial law. Trump’s advisers like Conway and Bannon want the media to stop criticizing Trump and to be quiet. That is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and freedom of speech. This is a large part of why that amendment exists–to guarantee freedom of the press. Media outlets are not slandering the president when they quote him and then analyze what he says and does. That is their job.

On the one hand the number of people turning out to protest and fight and file lawsuits and show up at airports is heartening. ACLU donations in the past 24 hours have been what they normally raise over 5 years. I’ve read quotes from police chiefs and border control agents who do not want any part of this. And Madeleine Albright, former Secretary of State, has vowed register as a muslim if Trump tries to start a muslim registry. (corrected. thank you. @bobthemole)

Not John Lewis

John Lewis and his supporters are NOT here for the nonsense. I grew up in Lewis’ district and I was honored to meet him as a teenager. My neighborhood was not “horrible,” “crime infested,” or “falling apart.” John Lewis is known, loved, and respected internationally. He has been in office since 1987 because he does more than talk; he actually gets the job done. Lewis is the embodiment of struggle, progress, and equal rights. Sir, you are the new kid on this political block and your future in this game doesn’t look promising. Save the “all talk” and “no action” comments for your diary until you march for miles, stand fearless and firm against people who hate you just because you are black, and make a major positive impact on the world. I question the judgement of anyone who doesn’t give short shrift to the rude inappropriate tweets from the President-elect. He is a racist, hot-headed bully who can’t be bothered to think or educate himself before acting (and doesn’t act beyond tweeting or developing questionable relationships with foreign countries). The temper tantrums disrespect the very office of President and make our country the punchline in too many jokes. Four years of this? I pray for the safety of our nation.

(Picture credit: Shana Wood, Facebook) 

Muhammad Ali, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Harold Smith, Stevie Wonder & Marlon Brando at the concert at the end of the Longest Walk, a 3,600-mile protest march from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., in the name of the Native rights, 1978.

cannabitchwitch replied to your post “On Safety Pins (again)”

CAN WE NOT DO WORK AND CHANGE THINGS AND WEAR A SAFETY PIN???? THIS IS TO SHOW SOLIDARITY…not to say we are here to save your lives???? I’m FUCKING done with the safety pin, because apparently allies aren’t wanted. Fuck the fact that I’ve marched miles and miles for Civil Rights or that I actually care, right? And I’ve been doing it for years. It didn’t take Trump for me to speak up. But now, by wearing a pin, I’m being lumped into a group of people who are assumed to be doing nothing?? Fine.

I made a point of saying if it doesn’t apply to you it doesn’t apply to you, so if it doesn’t apply, there’s no need for defensiveness.

Look, here’s where I’m coming from: I’m a Black woman living in a deep blue city in a deep blue state where white progressives demonize Black children every day in the name of “good schools.” None of these people are my or my family’s safe space, regardless of accessories, not if they walked in a thousand marches. That’s where I’m coming from. Maybe I’d feel differently in a red state in a predominantly white community. I would never live in a super white community, but yeah, the pin might give me comfort  if I were at a NASCAR race or the State Fair. It doesn’t in the cheese aisle at Trader Joe’s. Definitely not knowing what this “progressive” city is really like. I don’t care if my stance sounds mean. I don’t care. I’ve had it. I’ve had it with people getting away with racism and patting themselves on the back for being “good allies.”  If it doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t apply to you.

Any time people get defensive about the pin, they go on about their activism. We’re not work, we’re not causes, we’re people. Selfies of people looking sadly into the camera like they’re Sarah McLachlan in an ASPCA commercial declaring themselves “safe spaces,” or, worse, saying they’ll be my voice is patronizing. It’s crossing over into being dehumanizing. 

I care FAR more if a white person doesn’t actively, in their everyday lives, do things that have the effect of keeping Black kids down. No amount of activism makes up for that.

But like I said, if it doesn’t apply to you, it doesn’t apply to you.

“- I’m going out with Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Ju.
- How long have you been going out with her ?
- It’s been a year.
- When did you… first see Myeong Ju ?
- I met her a month ago at the 1 000 mile march.
- But you’ve been going out for a year ?
- … I’ll make this clear. I’m going out with Lieutenant Yoon Myeong Ju.
- I really hope you’ll go out with her.
- I will. … It’s been a year.”

- Descendants Of The Sun (Captain yoo & Seo Dae Young)

english village gothic

there is a large house where the last few lanes tail away, high up on a hill. when the lightning flashes, you see faces at the window, but nobody has lived there since queen victoria was on the throne.

blood spills from teacups across well-kept lawns; there are shadows drinking from a dried-up fountain in the summer sun, and the cucumber sandwiches are moulding already

you find a child’s bike in the road, pink streamers on the handlebars and wheels still spinning. you do not find a child. nobody wants to talk about it

the church has relics, and a crypt, and when the river bursts its banks you dream of the dead drowning once more. the vicar tells you that he hears howling at night, but there are no wolves left in england

the brownies and girl guides are far too pale this summer. they have strange markings on their necks, and they keep missing church parade, but their knitting is exemplary still

the romans and celts and saxons and vikings and normans march for miles in the second between midnight and the next morning; they leave no footprints but you hear their boots on the grass

the girls’ toilets in the primary school are haunted. things whisper and hiss in the pipes and you see the name of the history teacher, along with his birth and death dates, on the war memorial on the village green. he talks about the trenches as if he were there

everyone knows everyone, even the dead. especially the dead.

i am strong. i am STRONG. i have fists that are full and heavy and i can march two thousand miles and i will never let anyone destroy me again.