march miles

The punkest thing you can do? Actually fucking do something!

That is me, front and center, November 10th, 2016. This will always be my favorite picture of me. It was my first protest and I never felt so damn proud of myself and everyone around me. I marched for miles. You can see the straps of my backpack, which had water and medical supplies for whoever needed it. My face is partially hidden, but I still stood out.

Let me tell you. If you’ve never done this, you’re gonna be scared, and you’re gonna be tired. Even if you’ve done this before, the world has only gotten scarier. Stick together. They can’t take all of you down.

There are protests in my town soon that I can’t go to, because I just can’t take the risk with my surgeries. If you can’t go for whatever reason, you can still support the people out there. Gather snacks, water, medical kits, make posters, offer people rides, message your friends to make sure they are safe, do anything! You are part of history.

Your words of encouragement are great. Wanna prove you mean what you say? Act.

Look out for each other. Read advice from people that have done this before. Stay safe.

(Photo is of me, but not mine. It was pulled from one of the many news sites that reported on the protests last year. My face has already been on multiple news sites, otherwise I wouldn’t be putting it here.)

Dragon meat.

So my players are running through a campaign and a lot of random and hilarious shit happened, and I’ll be happy to tell more stories if anyone wants to hear.

But this one stands out amongst the funniest shit that ever happened as me DM'ing.

So my party was tracking a group of seemingly mindless dragon hunters, dragons had been attacked in recent years but recently, a massive red dragon had attacked a town the party had saved. Many had died including the party’s cleric. And not too long after this group of hunters, their original quarry, was seen marching not ten miles away.

They set off in hot pursuit but came across a disturbing sight, a dragon, quite large but not the same one that had attacked, skinned and left to rot. The party was mostly horrified, and wondered why they had left the beast skinned.

Then this happened.

Gabe: Hey. Can I eat it?
Me: What.
Party: What.
Gabe: The meat? Is it too rotten to eat?
Me:..I mean you could look for some good meat if you really wanted to, it hasn’t been too long.
Gabe: I dig inside and look for good meat!
Fighter: What are you doing?!
Me: You find some unrotten meat and remove it from the corpse.
Gabe: It’s dragon meat! I eat it raw.
Ranger: You’re disgusting.
Gabe: Im full of dragon is what I am!

Assassin’s Creed Birthdays!

Claudia Auditore- January 2nd
Agnes MacBean- January 5th
Catherine Gladstone- January 6th
Frederick Abberline- January 8th
Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad- January 11th
Benjamin Franklin- January 17th
Rebecca Crane- February 3rd
Charles Lee- February 6th
Charles Dickens- February 7th
Charles Darwin- February 12th
George Washington- February 22nd
Nigel Bumble- February 22nd
Clara O'Dea- February 24th
Alexander Graham Bell- March 3rd
Daniel Cross- March 9th
Edward Kenway- March 10th
Desmond Miles- March 13th
Mario Auditore- March 19th
Lydia Frye- March 19th
Anne Bonny- March 23rd
Ratonhnhaké:ton- April 4th
Álvaro Gramática- April 4th
Leonardo da Vinci- April 15th
George Westhouse- April 30th
Giovanni Auditore- May 3rd
Niccolo Machiavelli- May 3rd
Maximilien Robespierre- May 6th
Florence Nightingale- May 12th
Bartholomew Roberts (Pirate Sage)- May 17th
Arthur Conan Doyle- May 22th
Queen Victoria- May 24th
Marquis de Sade- June 2th
Robert Topping- July 7th
Violet da Costa- June 14th
Juhani Otso Berg- June 17th
Aveline de Grandpré- June 20th
Ezio Auditore- June 24th
Lucrezia Borgia- June 24th
Richard Owen- July 20th
Galina Voronina- July 30th
Lucy Thorne- August 8th
Napoleon Bonaparte- August 15th
John Standish (Modern Sage)- August 16th
Crawford Starrick- August 18th
Arno Dorian- August 26th
Prince Albert- August 26th
Duleep Singh (The Last Maharaja)- September 6th
Shay Cormac- September 12th
Cesare Borgia- September 13th
Samuel Adams- September 27th
Isabelle Ardant- October 4th
Ned Wynert- October 5th
Pearl Attaway- October 20th
Callum Lynch- October 21st
Evie Frye- November 9th
Jacob Frye- November 9th
Mary Anne Disraeli- November 11th
Shaun Hastings- November 16th
Edward “Thatch” Blackbeard- November 23rd
Haytham Kenway- December 4th
Jayadeep Mir (Henry Green)- December 7th
Benjamin Disraeli- December 21st
Calico Jack- December 26th
John Pitcairn-December 28th
William Gladstone- December 29th


The Babadook, a fictional character from an Australian horror film, has swept through the LGBTQ community as a sort of queer icon. Although his journey has been slowly bubbling toward this moment for the past year or so, his rise to stardom has seemed abrupt and confusing for many out of the loop. WHO IS THE BABADOOK?

Essentially, there are many passionate fans of the film who read the character as “queer in the most empirical sense. Its existence is defiance, and it seeks to break down the borders of acceptability and establishment.”

Though the interpretation is popular amongst film lovers with critical eyes, what truly has cemented the Babadook as a queer figure is the sheer movement – based in a meme-like facetiousness or otherwise – that has championed it.

There’s a great article at Vox that goes into detail about the phenomenon, accessible via this link.

“But although it’s couched in absurdity, the idea of a queer Babadook is also perhaps a way to satirize bigger, real-life ongoing conversations and cultural preoccupations.“

The article concludes that it’s a meme beyond its peak, perhaps trudging toward its steady demise brought about – the fate all popular memes face – by the appropriation of corporations capitalizing on the trend. 

Nevertheless, the monochrome Babadook shined this weekend amongst the rainbow banners of Pride. This year, the parade became a march. Mile by mile, the Babadook’s wide smile was unbroken.


Bill Millin “Piper Bill” was born on July 14 1922.

“I was very lucky”, were the words spoken by Bill Millin during an interview from 1984. Lucky for what, you might be asking yourself?  Lucky that he was not shot dead by German snipers, for they had assumed he was mad! 

Tuesday June 6, 1944 ‘Piper’ Bill Milllin landed on Sword Beach on the Coast of Normandy as part of the 1st Special Service Brigade in the second wave of the operation. A day most commonly known as D-Day.

As Bill Millin embarked from the landing craft and waded through chest high water making his way toward dry land, high above his head he carried his pipes, the only weapon he would need that day. Around him bullets flew, mortar shells exploded Bill_Millin1and his friends, comrades and countrymen died, but Bill carried onward.

t was what came next that made Bill Millin a legend! Lord Lovat, the Chief of Clan Fraser and Brigadier of the 2,500 commandos, instructed the 21 year old Bill Millin to fire up his pipes and play a tune to inspire the men. And with the five words ‘Give us “Highland Laddie” man!’, the Legend of ‘Piper’ Bill was born.
Amid the carnage and destruction Bill Millin played as he had never played before. While marching up and down the beach of Normandy, Millin played the tunes ‘Hielan’ Laddie’, ‘The Road to the Isles’ and ‘Blue Bonnets over the Border’, and at one point added ‘The Nut Brown Maiden’ for a redheaded French girl who had strayed out of her home.

The day would see Millin and his unit march four miles inland to a point known as Pegasus Bridge, which was a strategically vital point for the German 21st Panzer Division. D-Day was the turning point in the Allies’ battle against Hitler and ‘Piper’ Bill Millin stands a reminder of the bravery and sacrifice made by ordinary people in extraordinary times.

In another interview Bill was asked if he was scared as everyone else had guns as they went across Pegasus Bridge, and all he had was his pipes. Millin replied, “Well not really I was too busy concentrating on playing the bagpipes and Lovatt was a bit of a critic of bagpipes, so I had to watch what I was playing and I didn’t have time to think about anything else.”  What a remarkable man he was. 

The pics show Bill on Sword Beach in more peaceful times and his statue at Colleville-Montgomery, near Sword Beach, in France.

You made him fat if anything, Lucy
Desmond Miles/Lucy Stillman
You made him fat if anything, Lucy

Desmond: I wonder how old these tunnels are?

Lucy: Middle Ages probably. Luckily, these beams still hold our weight.

Desmond: After all this time in the Animus, I’m not so sure.

Lucy: Ya, I didn’t want to say anything, but you’re really getting fat.

Desmond: Ouch.

Lucy: I even told Rebecca to widen the Animus.

Desmond: Seriously?

Lucy: No.

Happy birthday to the modern Assassin that deserved better Desmond Miles!

☼ 13 March 1987
† 21 December 2012