march madness pt 3

A Little Fluff Pt 3

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Exactly 27 minutes later Kara was waiting down in front of her apartment building for Miss Grant’s car to pull up. She had decided on the way home that the only way she was getting out of this situation with any dignity was to be honest with the other woman. The black Lincoln pulled up moments later and she went to the driver’s door and wrapped lightly on the window. Once it rolled down she curtly informed him she would only need a few minutes with Miss Grant and that they would not actually be going anywhere together. When she opened the back door to get in she was surprised that Cat was sitting directly behind the driver. Cat glanced up and smirked, sliding over only minutely and patted the spot next to her. At Kara’s hesitation she purred, “I won’t bite dear. Get in.”

Kara folded herself into the seat, uncomfortably aware of how close Cat was to her, their thighs brushing against each other, heat radiating off the other woman. Kara folded her hands in her lap, wringing them nervously.

“Did you tell Steven where we are headed?” Cat asked, still not moving away, her breath moving over Kara when she spoke.

“No, I…I actually told him to stay here. I have to tell you something.” Kara watched as Cat’s eyes narrowed, a small huff escaping her lips. “I don’t have a date…Lucy and I were out together last week and she, well we…It was a ruse to see how you would react.” Kara shook her head at the description, knowing it fell wildly short of actually explaining anything, but at least she’d gotten it out and now Cat could kick her out of the car and end her torture.

Cat’s eyes narrowed even further, her eyes darting across Kara’s features looking for something before she responded. “Interesting.” She finally turned fully away from Kara and leaned forward to the driver. “I’d like to stick to my usual Friday evening—with the exception of potstickers. 3 Dozen should suffice.” Cat leaned back again, her body turning towards the woman beside her, her knee firmly against Kara’s leg, as if she was holding her in place.

“Miss Grant, I—“ Kara started, not sure that Cat had even heard her confession.

Cat cut her off with one wave of her hand. “And what did my reaction tell you, Kara?” Cat’s voice, dropped the blonde’s name rolling off her tongue like a caress.

The car started forward, the movement causing Cat’s gaze to falter and Kara closed her eyes at the reprieve. In for a penny, in for a pound. “I think that you like the power you hold over me and I think you like making me uncomfortable.” When she opened her eyes again, she found Cat looking at her with a mixture of affection, humor, and possibly pity.

“Hmmm, how so?”

“Like right now! I just told you I don’t have a date and it was all a ruse. Instead of kicking me out you’re keeping me with you, making this situation even more uncomfortable for your own amusement. I don’t get it. I don’t know what you want from me.” Kara sighed in frustration, allowing her head to fall back against the headrest for a moment. The last words were whispered, the exhaustion of the last few months of push and pull between them making her timid.

“The real problem here is that you don’t know and you think you do. You have an uncanny ability to anticipate my every need, every reaction, every demand. Except…except when it comes to you.” It was more then Cat had planned to reveal, so quickly that is, but this girl—no this woman—pulled her apart in ways she couldn’t have ever imagined and she was just as tired of the push and pull.

“I—“ Kara stopped when she felt the car halt, her super hearing picking up the sounds of her favorite chinese take out place. “Do I need to go get you something?” Kara’s default into assistant mode only rankled Cat’s nerves more and she wanted to snap her out of it.

“No. Steven is more then capable of walking into a restaurant and picking up a to go order. You aren’t going to get out of this conversation that easily. If you got out of this car I’m almost sure you would end up flying off into the night.” Kara bristled slightly at the word, but chose not to react. She was going to need a little more confirmation that Cat knew her secret before she let her defenses down.

“I’m sorry.” Kara said, not sure if she was apologizing for the offer or apologizing for the whole evening.

“We should be at my beach house in approximately 8 minutes.” Cat said. “And I think you need to take that time to decide if you are going to come inside with me and finish this conversation or if you you really are going to fly away.” Cat pushed herself away, moving herself another seat away from Kara and she pulled out her phone. A clear sign that she was done talking for the moment.

When they pulled up to the beach house she finally broke the silence with a short “Well?”

Kara smiled softly and replied. “I can’t let good potstickers go to waste now can I?”