march is a big month

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People need to stop making such a big deal out of the month of March. Nothing is going to happen. Stop acting like it's cursed.

day: february 28th, 2017

time: 11:45 pm

i sat in my bed, nestled amongst my blankets, ice cold and shivering in fear. the blankets did nothing to warm me up or calm my anxieties, but the feeling of protection was enough to keep me at bounds. i looked at my blue and green watch, dimly lit in the darkness of my room. its ominous ticking was the only noise to be heard, other than my staggered breaths. only fifteen minutes… fifteen minutes until…. the “Month.”

the “Month” lost its true name after all of the strange occurrences that happened every year. people thought that reading its name on the calendar gave it power over them, allowing its curse to take course. from 44 BC, the month after february was always referred to as the “Month.” it all started with the ultimate betrayal. was it the wrath of caesar? or was it the curse of hatred and greed continuing its path? no one knew why it continued. while avoiding its name helped to ease the nerves of the people, it did nothing to take away its treacherous evils inflicted upon those who remained.

i was fortunate enough to escape the wrath of the mysterious shadow figures only a few weeks prior. the tweet notification had saved a lot of people that day, but the power held by the “Month” was enough for me to lose hope already. my heart raced, pounding in my ears against the steady rhythm of my ticking watch. i glanced down. 9 minutes. my eyes squeezed shut, images of the previous two “Months” taking over my thoughts.

with the previous few “Months” being rather calm, 2015 took everyone by shock. it was only 8 days after st. patrick’s day. tragedy had struck. one of the Five leaders vanished in the dark of the night. he took off in the middle of the night, the sound of wolves obscuring his disappearance. since then, the world hasn’t been the same. there was a major split in alliance, those taking the side of the insubordinate former leader and those whose alliance remained with the Four. the wars have plagued the nations, tearing friends and families apart. this was further exemplified the following year with the slander campaign running full force against the remaining 4 and the dark forces attempting to bring them down in any way possible. people were beginning to lose hope.

my thoughts were cut short with the beeping of my watch. midnight. the first day of the “Month.” i quickly silenced my watch, holding my breath. here we go.

i didn’t expect it to happen so fast but i heard knocking at my door almost instantly. they’ve found me. i tried to remain as silent as possible but the voice at the door yelled “i know you are in there! open up!” hesitantly, i made my way to the door and opened it. there stood a faceless, mysterious figure. their shadow presence gave them no visible features, but they wore a rather ostantacious floral print tshirt. my gaze lingered on it. “it’s gucci, inspired by the leader of the next rebellion.”

“the… what?” i whispered, voice trembling.

“the prodigal one. the one above them all. this is his ‘Month.’ he hates everyone who supports the Four. he doesn’t need the other Three… so get ready for him to take over the world,” the mysterious figure said. 

“but, he loves his brothers… the other Three leaders, he would never do such a thing,” i said, standing my ground. i knew how he was like. he would never.

they moved forward, closing in the space. i could feel their hot, angry breath on my skin. “the curse said so, it was prophesied.” the tears started streaming down my face just like the showers that are british. i couldn’t believe this. the figure held out a gucci shirt for me. “put this on and show where your alliance stands,” they said with a smirk. i was about to put my arm through the luxurious sleeve when suddenly, i heard a ping from my phone. i froze. 

dropping my shirt to the ground, i took my phone out of my pocket, eyes reading the words on my screen in disbelief. the figure shifted uncomfortably in front of me, the silence making them uneasy. i read the message out loud.

“Your support is unbelievable. Always has been. Thank you, Love you. H”

the tension seemed to be lifted from the air, the burden the “Month’s” curse put on my shoulders now nonexistent. the figure screamed out in disbelief, “but the prophecy foretold he would be the one to leave the others in the dust?? how could he? the curse of the ‘Month,’ it’s… over…” 

the figure bolted out of the room and outside. in the darkness i could make them out, kneeling in my front yard. “Et tu, Brute?” they yelled to the sky, fists pounding against the grass. i shrugged and closed my door, making my way back to my room. i popped in MITAM and ate some popcorn.

since that day, the curse of march has been lifted. anonymous, you were wrong and right. something did happen; the curse was broken. the end. 

BTS - Reaction to You and Your Newborn Having the Same Birth Month as Him

As requested. :)


He has always loved that you both had the same birthday month, so when your daughter was born in December as well he was ecstatic. “Our birthdays, our princess’s birthday, and Christmas!!!” You were now worried how overboard he was going to be next year. You could imagine when she was older and how she would get loads and loads of birthday and Christmas presents from you and daddy. “This is so exciting!” He was cradling her little form in his arms while he spoke quickly.


March was always a big month for you both because of your birthdays. Two celebrations, two cakes. You had tried doing them together but there were too many people to gather at the same time and place. Now that your son had been born in March it became even more important. “This is truly something. All of us, born in the same month.” A gummy smile formed on his face as he looked down at your newborn who was sound asleep in his crib.

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On this day in music history: July 3, 1971 - “Mr. Big Stuff” by Jean Knight hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 5 weeks, also peaking at #2 on the Hot 100 on August 14, 1971. Written by Joe Broussard, Ralph Williams and Carroll Washington, it is the biggest hit for the New Orleans, LA born soul singer. The track is recorded at Malaco Studios in Jackson, MS on May 17, 1970 with producer Wardell Quezergue. “Mr. Big Stuff is recorded on the same day and with the same musicians as King Floyd’s chart topping "Groove Me”. A few months after the session, the master is sold to Stax Records in Memphis, TN, after being shopped to numerous labels who have rejected it. Stax releases “Mr. Big Stuff” in March of 1971, some ten months after it was recorded. An immediate smash on the R&B singles chart, it quickly crosses over to the pop charts, crashing into the top five by late Summer. The song has a long life after Knight’s original version falls from the charts. In 1987, rapper Heavy D. use the hook for his debut single “Mr. Big Stuff”. Singer Martha Wash records a cover version of the song for the soundtrack of “D2: The Mighty Ducks” in 1994. “Mr. Big Stuff” is certified 2x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

2015 Horseblr Drama Recap

January: horseback riding: How expensive it really is, backyard riders vs privileged A-circuit riders, colored tack, RICK GORE: a drama, and the weight debate. 

February: the great saddleseat controversy, ANKY, what constitutes a piaffe?, tricks vs ‘real training’, and bridless western pleasure abuse.  

March: this month on the big debate: letting your horse step on the lead rope.   

April: stud chains and their uses, bitless dressage: is it possible?, The baucher snaffle: poll pressure or nah?, the ban on lip chains, cultural appropriation in the show ring, and ‘bobos’.  

May: that HUGE thing that went down between people that should have kept their personal disputes in privet, halter horse conformation vs warmblood conformation, Quarter Horse collection: what it is and what it isn’t, those horses that ‘just don’t like being outside’, and rope halters. 

June: George Morris: effective trainer or douchebag?, people asking for advice in public but pull the ‘you don’t know my horse or the situation” card when advice is given,  the ‘is western pleasure jog collected’ debate, quarter horse conformation: when its shitty, and horse racing: IS IT ABUSE? 

July: stallions: why America sucks at handling them, kids riding stallions, weird looking yet innovative saddles, this week on “you can’t learn stuff on the internet…”, Edward Gal and Totilas: an ongoing debate, shoulder-ins vs leg-yields, and on geldings and their erections. 

August: the Uta Gräf dispute, horseblr plays the ‘holier than thou’ card, the ‘lets see you do better than the professional’ debate, that $475 crop, the Edward Gal rollkur scandal, LDR vs Rollkur: are they the same?, and the “I can’t question rollkur because I’m not a grand prix rider” debate.  

September: that one girl that rollkurs her horse over jumps, bullying vs. criticizing abusive riding techniques, how to longe your horse: aversive vs. attractive stimuli, why Pareli sucks ass, barefoot vs. shod… yet again, and western vs. english: WHICH ONE IS BETTER?!??!  

October: passive aggressive posts: the hypocrisy of horseblr, Drugging the show horse: who came up with the best excuses?, and standing martingales.

November: when to start riding a young horse, jumping a 3 y/o, mustangs: save or slaughter?, helmet girl strikes again, ‘salty’ equestrians, discussing the piaffe: when is it appropriate?, the horseblr post police, does your horse approve of your riding attire: when to dress up and when to dress down, racism in dressage, and Is Bubs lame?

December: that vegan who said riding was bad, stabling horses in the winter: whats best for the horse?, posting christmas gifts, asshole trainers, prothetic legs for horses, elitism… again, whether or not calling a rescue horse a ‘warmblood’ is ok, 2 y/o reiners, horse slaughter… again, and subtexing. 

The month of March has been one big fucking heartbreak after another for the one direction fandom and what we’ve endured just goes to show absolutely strong our boys are and how much we’ve got this niggas backs. I’m not leaving until THEY say it’s over,until THEY say it’s okay too. IM STAYING FOR THESE FOUR BOYS BECAUSE THEY NEED ME,JUST AS MUCH AS I NEED THEM.



Pictures of My Life Currently

- 18 month old Charlie is a hoot. The kid has mastered eating with utensils and saying the word no. Everything is no. He also has a whole arsenal of words and sayings, but not all are the clearest they could be. He currently loves some Paw Patrol and his older brother. He also got his first hair cut, I dubbed it the Lloyd Christmas. The boys (and us) said good bye to their sweet nanny and started back at daycare today. So many tears from all of us. FYI, it’s a lot easier to leave them when they have no clue what is going on. It’s heart wrenching when they are old enough to be scared and tell you about it.

- also I’ve picked up my wine game, I’m kind of worried it’s too strong these days. See 18 month old Charlie.

- we close on our new house in less than 2 weeks. Here is our new kitchen. Don’t be too jealous of that 1995 fridge (yay for a garage fridge). Oh and the countertops and tile floor. I have so many plans for this place, I hope my wallet will be able make them happen.

- how do you pack in advance? I’ve packed like 3 boxes because I’m pretty much using everything. And some stuff I’m just not ready to put away, it will make it way to real at that point. I really am going to try to bust out some packing this week. Closets and attic are my main focus this week. I’m so not looking forward to the attic. If only I could make up my mind on a baby # 3, I could unload half of what is up there.






Hope this month filled with amazing events for GOT7 & IGOT7.

Hope this month be another month Jackson soaring his wings of success and happiness.

Hope with Jackson’s magic, we all achieve our dreams ♥


Cre pics: Just Wonderful