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George Harrison, 1969, copyright unknown.

“He’s deep and complex, this George Harrison, and as long as I’ve known him and as much as I like him, I find it difficult to define the man beneath. The balance within him is fine between love and good and bad and a kind of bitter mistrust of some people, among them members of the Press.” - Article and interview by, possibly, Alan Smith, NME, 14 March 1970 [x]

non-canon map of the free marches

the official map of thedas is tragically underpopulated, so here’s an alternative. all headcanon & completely made up, but useful for fic/worldbuilding or just interesting for the curious. feel free to nab bits & pieces for your own stuff, just gimme a credit if you do!

all of these place names exist in the real-world, & i’ve taken them from ireland, scotland, scandinavia, switzerland, belgium, & northern england. i’ve tried to match up my invented names to the canon ones (for example, ‘kirkwall’ is a real place in scotland, so the names i put around thedas’ kirkwall are also scottish).

more map shenanigans

under the cut: full list of places, by area

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  • Clarinet case: can fit a maybe two reeds. Possibly a lyre if you're resourceful.
  • Trombone case: can fit mouthpiece, slide cream, flip folio, wire stand, étude book, two changes of clothes, all your makeup, hair brush, straightener, blow dryer, and toothbrush. Still has extra room.

sounds of thedas: FERELDEN

the people are proud and rough, the forests deep, the fields wide. the very hills themselves torn by war, both civil and foreign, and even in summer the night’s chill can only be chased away by a warm fire. but to many this country is home, and they will do anything to defend it.

featuring tracks from clash of the titans, robin hood, stardust, ori and the blind forest, how to train your dragon, the eagle, & dragon age: inquisition


March Book Photo Challenge

Day 12: bookish place

My dad’s office. When I was a child I used to sit here and read/look at some of his books while he worked.

Thunderstruck - Luke

Thank you to @heartsaysyesmomsaysno for this lovely prompt!



Standing on the wings of the stage, your fingers began to itch. You were decked out in 5sos tour march and you were ready to play an instrument on stage. You are a big fan and when they selected you to go onstage and play a song you were ecstatic! Of course they didn’t know you played guitar, but you know you were about to blow the crowed away. In your small town you are the proclaimed best guitarist.

Luke gives the signal, and Calum announces that an audience member was about to come onstage. Then she comes out. Luke has to hold back a wolf whistle. She looked amazing, her shit (which he noticed is march for his band) fits her snugly, emphasis on the most important parts of her body. She walks with confidence on the stage, as if this was her own backyard.

“So what instrument do you want to play?” Calum asks, then walks towards her, as does Luke. You quickly point to Luke’s guitar, and Luke happily unhooks it from around his neck.

“Do you know how to play?” Luke asks gently, ready to give her some basic instructions.

You respond by playing a quick couple of chords that sound good together. Luke nods along to the sound. “So you wanna play something for us?” Luke asks. You smile, because this was your time to shine.

Your hands fit the strings, opening position, and then you begin to play Thunderstruck by AC/DC. It is a hard song, but once you get used to the fingerings it gets easier. Ashton quickly recognizes the song and begins to smash on his drums. Calum and Michael begin to give you vocal support.

All Luke could do is watch as an impromptu song started to break out between his best mates and this girl. He couldn’t help but watch her and her fingers as they dance across the guitar. His heart strings tug a little. How sexy could it be when a fan plays his guitar? All Luke wants is to hear her play his guitar all day. And then the song is over, but all Luke wants is to talk to the girl, and get to know her.

You walk off stage and the boys continue their banter about how good you were. You huff out a little sigh of relief, and make your way back to your seat.

The next night, your on twitter when suddenly you see your face… attached to a Luke Hemmings tweet. It’s a video of you playing Thunderstruck with the rest of the band. The caption, “She’s the new Luke. Help me find her”

As you can see, I’m fit again. I came very close, but I’m doing OK! I’d like to thank everybody who sent me messages. It was overwhelming and it really helped me to recover.
—  George Harrison in an interview with ITV’s Martin Brundle, 12 March 2000

So, I am going to try doing a little cut and work towards tightening up a bit. I’ve gotten back into running pretty big time, doing 8km runs most mornings before work but if I can I will also try doing insanity again. I loved it last time and got great results. So I will keep a little progress diary on here with my weight starting and finishing and pics etc. I have been slacking on the fitness side of my life majorly and tracking it so this can keep me motivated :)

I go to Paris in March so I am going to aim to have made a bit of difference by then. 


Olivia and George Harrison with Paul and Linda McCartney at the Venus and Mars party, held aboard the Queen Mary II in Long Beach, California, on 24 March 1975. Photos possibly © Harry Benson, courtesy of the fabulous

“Well, he never shut up. George had a lot to say. Boy, did he have a lot to say. That’s hysterical to me, you know, that he was known as the quiet one. I assume he got that name because the other ones were so much louder. I mean, they were very loud people. [laughs] One time he told me, ‘Me and Olivia had Paul and Linda over the other night, and you would have thought there was a hundred people in the house, it was so loud.’” - Tom Petty, Rolling Stone, 17 January 2002 [x]

“Thinking of you all with love. Keep your spirits high. Nice to have you back home again soon. God bless. Love, George and Olivia.” - An international telegram sent to Paul and Linda McCartney at the Okura Hotel, Tokyo, from George and Olivia Harrison, on 21 January 1980 [x]

“There’s always a place in my heart for Paul… and Linda.” - George Harrison, Musician, March 1990 [x]

“Linda will be missed not only by Paul, her children and brother John, but by all of us who knew and loved her. She was a dear person with a passionate love of nature and its creatures and, in her passing, has earned the peace she sought in life. May God bless her.” - George Harrison’s statement in tribute of Linda McCartney, April 1998 [x]

so this one time at band camp...

so the other day, i sent a message to my friend, the drum major.

i sent him that textpost and he said he would do that at camp, y’know, to be funny. well, it didnt exactly fit his song he was conducting. he told one of the other drum majors, who was conducting in cut time, to do it instead. she had waited until the last day of band camp at the last rehearsal before we packed up to leave. she blew the whistle and counted off, only to shout “a-one, a-two, a-skiddly-diddly-do” at the top of her lungs across the entire marching field. literally everyone froze and she just stopped conducting. the band director had us practice that song with that in there, and he wants to keep it in the marching show. what have i done.


this is stupid and i have nothing to justify this 

how do sousaphones work

more than slightly based off of an experience i had in concert band the other day yikes 

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Randy March  Wallpapers ☆ -  540px/960px  

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George Harrison and Olivia Trinidad Arias waiting for the Dark Horse Tour band to clear customs, 2 November 1974, as included in the Living in the Material World book

Photo: Henry Grossman

“I fell for her immediately. She is a very calming influence. She has been very supportive and we are blissfully happy together. I told her I didn’t want her doing all that typing. We started going with each other, and four years later we married.” - George Harrison [x]

* * *

“Before she became Olivia Harrison in 1978, she was Olivia Trinidad Arias, an Angeleno whose grandparents immigrated to Los Angeles from Mexico.
She grew up in Hawthorne, hometown of the Beach Boys, which turned out to be a major point of interest for George when she gave him a tour of her old neighborhood.
She was working at A&M Records, which distributed Dark Horse releases at the time, and started chatting with Harrison when he’d call about business.
They found they had musical and philosophical interests in common and soon began seeing each other regularly. ‘I was from outside of his world,’ she says. 'I was shelter from the storm. I was simple, and he needed some simplicity at that point.’
She says she never really stopped to think about the implications of getting involved with a musician, much less an ex-Beatle. 'You can’t really think about it that way, otherwise you’re just playacting.’
How will she cope when all the projects are completed? Is she simply postponing the feelings of loss with all the activity?
Those are questions she doesn’t worry about, and she knows what George would have said on the subject.
‘One of his favorite things to say was, “Be here now,”’ she says. His song by that title, from his 1973 album 'Living in the Material World,’ remains one of her favorites, and it’s one she plays any time she feels in need of a booster shot of moral support.
'Sometimes he and Dhani would be talking and Dhani would ask, “Well what if this happens?” or “What if that happens?”’ she says. 'George would say, “Be here now. Be here now.”'” - “Here now, she lives for George” by Randy Newman, Los Angeles Times, 9 March 2005 [x]

Being Sick at band Camp

Me: *is sick with a fever*

Section Leader: Go. you are not fit to march.

Me: *is weak in the shade and is eating and drinking* Sigh…Why…why am I so weak…

Medical assistance: Stay in the shade keep cool and you will be okay.

*Band starts playing*

Me: *Springs up* IM BETTER. *runs toward band*


Me: I MUST STAY LOYAL TO THE BAND! *inhuman screaming*