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Web Series Masterlist : Complete, Currently Running, and Upcoming Series

So for mostly my convenience, I made a master list of all vlog shows I could think of. I linked in each title either the “main” website with all information, or the YouTube page.

*If I forgot one, please tell me through either a re-blog or a message~.

  • Normal people:man I hate having to wait a full week for just and hour show
  • People who watch webseries:lmao try waiting a week for just five minutes
  • People who watch webseries:but sometimes we get ten minute episodes or two episodes a week
  • People who watch webseries:and we can easily binge watch to increase our suffering until the next episode
  • People who watch webseries:sometimes the shows stops at a cliffhanger and can't get money to finish too!
  • People who watch webseries:*cries*

All for One is a modern, badass, gender-swapped, feminist, totally awesome adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”.

New episodes will be airing Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5:30pm EST on & KindaTV starting NEXT MONDAY!

Check out the trailer now!



Introducing a new kind of webseries:

What would you do if you found a letter asking you to write to a stranger?

Alex Carter and Zoe Ballard are two teenagers from San Diego who start writing letters to each other as part of a school assignment. At first, the letters are the typical “getting to know you” exchanges you would expect from penpals. But as life deals unexpected turns to Alex and Zoe, they open up to each other more and more, building a strong and unique friendship.

Alex and Zoe’s story is told through a variety of media, including letters, prose scenes, transmedia posts, and more. It will be an interactive series, starting from the very first post, so mark your calendars for September 29th, or better yet, go visit our website, subscribe via email to our posts, or follow the project tumblr, so you don’t have to remember. In the meantime, you can start getting to know our characters on Tumblr, Spotify, and Twitter, as listed here.