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7 Web Series for the Literary Lover

It'a National Book Lover’s Day and what better way to celebrate than with a few literary web series? While there are a ton of amazing web series out there both literary and non-literary, we’ve selected some fan favorites and some you may not have heard of!

1. All For One - If the original musketeers were queer and female, All For One is what you’d get. Set in modern day unversity, this adaptation of The Three Musketeers features a fierce cast and mind blowing story to tell.

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2. Carmilla - Perhaps the original Le Fanu novella is less well known but the web series sure as hell isn’t! Carmilla features a broody lesbian vampire, a non-binary character (LaFhooray!), lots of mysteries to solve, a determined detective far too curious for her own good and more!

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3. In Earnest - Oscar Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest comes to life in this modern day web series featuring a similar storytelling style that Wilde often used. The series takes old Victorian values and fits them into today’s modern culture. It features themes of romance, friendships and all that good stuff.

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4. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - Quite possibly the catalyst in the literary web series space, this modern re-telling of Pride and Prejudice really took the internet by storm earning them global recognition and becoming the first digital series to win an Emmy!

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5. The March Family Letters - Louisa May Alcott’s classic book Little Women comes to life in this modern day web series following the March sisters as they capture their days via video to send to their beloved Marmie who’s away on deployment. There’s lots of laughs and cries to be had with the series that you won’t want to miss.

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6. The Misselthwaite Archives - This modern adaptation of The Secret Garden follows Mary Lennox who moves to her uncle’s large and lonely estate after the death of her parents. She hates everything about her new home but after discovering the hidden glade where her aunt passed away years ago things start to get interesting!

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7. The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy - With season three of this epic web series, The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy is perfect for any lost boy (or girl!) who loved Peter Pan as a child. We get to follow pretty immature Peter as he sets off to finally becoming an adult and dealing with all the drama that comes with it, including getting his best friend Wendy to fall in love with him.

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And as an added bonus…The Slutty Book Club! Check out their no-filter reviews on books in an array of literary sections from fiction to Kim Kardashian’s selfie book you’ll give yourself all the laughs!


web series + wlw [2/3]

[merry maidens, haunted or hoax, the march family letters, twelfth grade (or whatever), wave jacked, the uncanny upshurs, the adventures of serena berg, classic alice]

made possible by @lgbtpluswebseries​‘ list of lgbt+ web series characters [x]

[full lgbtq+ representation gif series]

I’m so in love with March Family Letters right now I mean:

  • quality modern youtube adaptation of a classic (Little Women)
  • adorable canon lesbians
  • shows social anxiety as a disorder not just being socially awkward
  • racial diversity in cast
  • explicit ace representation
  • differentiates asexuality and aromanticism
  • people can’t complain that the LGBT+ focus ~distracts from the plotline~ because it fits with the framework of the original story when put into a modern context
  • it’s free because it’s on youtube (with additional/optional info on other social media if you’re into that)
  • just an all around great series honestly like this is way more than I could hope for in any series at this point

web series +  asexual & ace-spec leads

[middlemarch: the series, the march family letters, away from it all, the blair goddess project, the glad game, the adventures of serena berg, hamlet the dame, all or nothing, the adventures of jamie watson (and sherlock holmes), nothing like the sun]

made possible by @lgbtpluswebseries​‘ list of lgbt+ web series characters [x]

[full lgbtq+ representation gif series]



[1/1] Ace character: Beth March
“You do remember that I’m ace, right?”
“Yeah, but just because you’re asexual doesn’t mean you’re aromantic, and just because you don’t look at someone and want to bang them doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t want to date them”


All for One is a modern, badass, gender-swapped, feminist, totally awesome adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ “The Three Musketeers”.

New episodes will be airing Mon/Wed/Fri @ 5:30pm EST on & KindaTV starting NEXT MONDAY!

Check out the trailer now!

  • Normal people: man I hate having to wait a full week for just and hour show
  • People who watch webseries: lmao try waiting a week for just five minutes
  • People who watch webseries: but sometimes we get ten minute episodes or two episodes a week
  • People who watch webseries: and we can easily binge watch to increase our suffering until the next episode
  • People who watch webseries: sometimes the shows stops at a cliffhanger and can't get money to finish too!
  • People who watch webseries: *cries*