march break '12



Double date with my mother/best friend/everything (: 

When I said we were going on an adventure that day, I didn’t lie.  Right at the start of the day, getting on the bus and getting to square one was already an adventure.  

First we got off at Meadowvale Go where we transferred on a bus that dropped us off at Streetsville Go.. the most deserted place, next to Milton LOL. From there we rode on a double deck  bus and went to Square One. The bus ride there was the best! 

When we got to Square One, we ate lunch first and then watched a movie. We watched Unofficially Yours,  that movie was pretty.. yeahh.. LOL and it was quite long too. 

Our adventure continued after that when we accompanied my boyfriend while he was ‘swag shopping’ as he calls it. At the same time we were trying to figure out how we were gonna get home. We spent about 30-45 minutes trying to find the right times for the buses to get home. Unfortunately, none of the times worked and we stressed out about not having a ride home. Luckily, Gabe’s dad was able to pick us up and drive us home.. phew. 

With that figured out, we headed out to Celebration Square where we spent some quality time together. There we also took a 5 minute photo shoot, hahah. 

And then we went home. 


great story eh? yeah, it was a pretty fun and adventurous day. (: