march 4th to march 10th or 11th

The stages of listening to the song March of the Falsettos
  • 1st-3rd time: What the actual fuck?
  • 4th-10th time: yeah let's just skip this song
  • 11th time: Do you know what I'll listen to it again why the fuck not
  • 12th time: this is.... okay?
  • 13th-15th time: this makes no sense but I'm into it
  • 16th+ time: *google search: how can a female sing a falsetto?*
Weekend Update 19/3

There was a lack of entry for last week, so I’m trying to make this update for both weeks ^^;

Karyukai News
-Higashiyama Hanatōro started and finished earlier than expected this year. The performers were:
Gion Kobu (March 4th): Ichiharu (市晴) of Nakagishi (中支志) and Katsusen (佳つ扇) of Odamoto (小田本).
Miyagawa Cho (March 5th): Toshimomo (とし桃) and Chikaharu (千賀遥) of Komaya (駒屋).
Pontocho (March 10th): Taka (多香) of Yamaguchi (やまぐち) and Ichiaya (市彩) of Masunoya (桝之矢).
Kamishichiken (March 10th): Umechie (梅ちえ) of Umeno (梅乃) and Naokinu (尚絹) of Nakasato (中里).

Gion Higashi (March 11th): Tomitsuyu (富津愈) of Tomikiku (富菊) and Kanohiro (叶紘) of Kanoya (叶家).

-The Spring Odori Season beings this Friday (March 24th) with the Kitano Odori of Kamishichiken.
-Mameharu (まめ春) of Tama (多麻) in Gion Kobu has switched to ofuku and is now a senior maiko.

Blog News
-The Random Fact of The Week looked at Sou Odori Kimono and Nanohana.
-What’s In a Book? Part 22 looked at 京・嶋原太夫―太夫・髪型の世界 (Kyō - Shimabara Tayū - Tayū - Kamigata No Sekai) by Tetsuo Ishihara (石原哲男)
-What’s In a Name? Part 17 looked at single kanji and katakana names.
-A new tab called Covered Kanji now displays all of the kanji that have been featured in the What’s In a Name? series along with links back to the original entries.
-Mylo’s Pick of The Week went to Fukutomo (ふく朋) of Horiyae (堀八重) in Miyagawa Cho and Tomitsuyu (富津愈) of Tomikiku (富菊) in Gion Higashi.
-The amount of questions received was tremendous! Thank you so much to everyone who wants to learn more. Please don’t be afraid to ask a question at any time ^^
-Apparently this blog has been around now for a year! Thank you so much to everyone who comes by to learn as this labour of love is all for you! 

About halfway through the Million Live! posts, I realized I forgot to put their birthdays on them, so here they are.

January 8th: Emily Stewart
January 18th: Shiho Kitazawa
January 27th: Mizuki Makabe
February 4th: Matsuri Tokugawa
February 12th: Nao YokoyamaFebruary 20th: Serika Hakozaki
March 1st: Roco Handa
March 18th: Yuriko Nanao
March 22nd: Minako Satake
March 20th: Noriko Fukuda
April 15th: Megumi Tokoro
April 24th: Miya Miyao
April 29th: Tamaki Ogami
May 17th: Reika Kitakami
May 31st: Anna Mochizuki
June 7th: Arisa Matsuda
June 12th: Konomi Baba
June 28th: Mirai Kasuga
July 4th: Hinata Kinoshita
July 23rd: Ayumu Maihama
July 30th: Tsubasa Ibuki
August 10th: Umi Kousaka
August 18th: Kana Yabuki
August 27th: Karen Shinomiya
September 2nd: Fuka ToyokawaSeptember 14th: Shizuka Mogami
September 20th: Subaru Nagayoshi
September 26th: Julia
October 5th: Kotoha Tanaka
October 21st: Chizuru Nikaido
October 26th: Elena Shimabara
November 6th: Momoko Suou
November 11th: Tomoka Tenkubashi
November 21st: Rio Momose
December 3rd: Akane Nonohara
December 16th: Iku Nakatani
December 29th: Sayoko Takayama

I don’t want to, but I think that it’s what’s best. 

Starting today (it’s midnight here lol), I’ll be on hiatus all week. I have exams coming up and I really need to study and just focus on that. Tumblr is too much of a distraction. 

You guys better not unfollow me or I’ll cut your throats. Just kidding (not).


Please forgive any spoilers I may be missing on March 9th and 10th as Iwas working three 12 hour shifts and it is utterly impossible to navigate thespoiler tag after an episode airs…especially after only being able to get on to the computer like 3 days after the Monday post-episode reaction freakout fest that the spoiler tag turns into.

Please let me know if I’ve forgotten something! All my other spoiler round-ups found here  

March 5th filming 4x20?

- Agnes on set (x)

March 9th filming - Surrey MT (x)

- Regina’s EQ Carriage (x)

March 10th 4x20? filming

- Filming in the forest (x)

- Snowing and Mal filming together. Mal is definitely wearing her grey gangster outfit so its in Storybrooke (x)

March 11th 4x20? filming

- VLOG about filming Lana and Agnes sit at the bus stop. Lana gets up and you can here “Hey STOP! That is mine.” and eventually poofs away.  Then later Regina and Robin sitting at a corner bar and Robin is upset about what Regina has told him (x)

- Agnes and Lana filming a scene at a bus stop in New York? in Storybrooke(x)

- they’re on a bus stop, stalk for awhile, Regina poofs away in magic smokeness. (x)

- Sean and Lana film a scene at a bar. Regina sitting at one end and Robin at the other. They are kinda facing each other. (x) (x) (x)

- Regina said something and he got upset/stressed by whatever she said. Yes they were at a restaurant but Regina and robin were sitting at the bar part so not a cute romantic table :( oh and this happened in New York so this is either a flashback or a scene for an earlier ep that they just hadn’t gotten around to filming yet. (x)

- Snowing and Mal filming a scene on a country road at the town line (x)

- Sean posted a picture of him on a horse and mentioned Regina but I don’t think it has to do with filming (x)


- Eddy Kitsis says that the baby daddy will be revealed, “If there is one.” Meaning? Meaning, he notes, “This is a show where dwarves are hatched from an egg.” (x)

- “We’ll get a look at a bit of the past between Will Scarlett and Robin Hood,” co-creator Adam Horowitz shares. “We’ll learn they had adventures both in and out of Sherwood Forest.  And no look at the Merry Men would be complete without a return of the Sheriff of Nottingham.” (x)