march 29th!

a selfie and an update for the followers i’ve had for years if y'all even care anymore: i started esthetics school september of last year and graduate in a week. i’m now a lash technician. still a makeup artist. i got many new tattoos and a philtrum piercing since the last time i’ve updated about myself. i’m FINALLY seeing green day in april after loving them since childhood. i’m taking a trip to seattle and aberdeen, washington in a month. march 29th will be my 19th birthday. @thejordanlovera and i are super close to celebrating 2 years together. i was super high in this pic.

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Updated: March 29th, 2016

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Stream This Town for U.S. Platinum certification

This Town is about 100,000 sales from being eligible for Platinum certification in the U.S. It is expected to sell ~20,000 a week, and is still dropping on iTunes. Let’s try and make up for the loss in digital sales with streams. It is currently getting around 500,000 streams a day, and not even half of those are in the U.S. The ONLY way to help with the Platinum certification is to stream with a U.S. IP. Streaming the lyric video not only counts as streams, it earns views. The goal is to make it goal Platinum before the six month anniversary of its release (March 29th). If streaming doesn’t pick up, it might not happen! Please stream with a U.S. IP! 150 streams = 1 sale 

Useful links:

How to stream on Spotify 

How to change your IP address (mobile)

How to change your IP address (computer) 

Spotify playlists: This Town 1,000 times playlist / This Town 25 times playlist (If the first playlist won’t load)

Lyric video playlist

This was very successful last year, so I’ve decided to host Downworlder Week again this year! Downworlder Week will run from 27th March - 2nd April. A whole week to celebrate how amazing Downworlders are!


27th March - Warlock Day

28th March - Werewolf Day

29th March - Vampire Day

30th March - Faerie/Seelie Day

31st March - Favourite Downworlder Moments

1st April - Favourite Downworlder Ships

2nd April - Favourite Downworlder Friendships

Make gifs, edits, art, fics, headcanons, playlists, anything you like! Or if you’re not feeling creative, just make a post talking about your favourite Downworlders and why you you love them so much. Don’t forget to use the tag #DownworlderWeek so people can find everything you make!


  • This encompasses both the Freeform TV show and Cassandra Clare’s books - you’re not limited solely to one or the other
  • Downworlder ships and friendships are classed as any romantic or platonic ship containing at least one Downworlder (e.g. malec is a Downworlder ship, even though one of the characters is a Shadowhunter)
  • Characters like Helen and Mark Blackthorn and Tessa Gray are classed as Downworlders
  • You don’t have to participate in every day! You can just pick which days you want to make content for
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Updated: May 31st, 2016