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Clarke receiving the Nightblood injection does not mean she’s going to take the chip and become the next commander, remember at this point Clarke doesn’t even know where the chip is. I also think the Nightblood injection will be good for Clarke personally and for Bellarke:

Why this will be good for Clarke and why she won’t be taking the chip:

Clarke doesn’t need the chip to become a leader, she already is-think back to Ep 1 of this Season when Kane told Abby: “The youth shall inherit the earth.” Clarke and Bellamy are taking over leadership of the Arkadians from Kane and Abby and this is just another step forward on that journey. To have Clarke take the chip would be a step back on her leadership journey. 

Clarke needs to become a leader in her own right, not one who just follows the advice she got from L/xa. so Clarke injecting herself with Nightblood could possibly be one of the first real steps we see Clarke make to becoming her own kind of leader, not just one who parrots the advice of the leaders shes known. 

To extrapolate on this idea that Clarke is going to finally begin to come into her own. One of L/xa’s key pieces of advice was: “You have to be willing to send others to fight and die for you” (paraphrasing). Well, Clarke’s already tried this method twice now: the first time with the Grounder guy and then in even considering Emori. In choosing to use the Nightblood on herself, she shows hat she is willing to sacrifice herself (something we haven’t seen Clarke do before) for her people, which…is extremely reminiscent of one Bellamy Blake. 

I also suspect that the Nightblood will wind up protecting Clarke from the ill effects of radiation at some point in the future. 

Why this will be good for Bellarke:

Back in November (around the time they were filming 409 and 410), Bob gave an interview where he said that Abby and Bellamy are always united in wanting Clarke’s safety and something we would see in the later episodes of the Season. 

Clarke will obviously be a radiation test subject now, they have no choice it would be a waste of perfectly good Nightblood if they didn’t and so, like Luna, she too will suffer temporarily from radiation poisoning. I believe Bellamy will be informed/figure out that Clarke is suffering from radiation poisoning and come to her. 

I think this will bring the foreshadowing in 406 (Bellamy: “Clarke, if we don’t see each other again…”, Clarke: “We will.”) full circle and open the door for emotional (possibly romantic) confessions. 


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The Avengers’ Niece

Originally posted by avenging-ballerina

Pairing: Avengers x Niece!Reader
Word count: 912
Warnings: A couple swears

Part 1 of The Unknown Stark

Popping your gum, you had your backpack over your shoulder, and your hands in your hoodie pockets. It was a rainy day in New York City, but that was nothing new. Your hood was up, shielding your dark hair from the cold water. You loved when it rained, you did not love walking in it. You saw taxis all over, but it would be quicker, and cheaper to take the subway and walk. Just because you technically had the money, didn’t mean you weren’t going to be smart about it.

At last, you found yourself at your destination- Stark Tower. While you had complete access to it, you hardly ever visited. Tony always came to see you, or would facetime. Man was so busy you were amazed he found time to breath. Letting out a sigh, you walked in the front doors. “Heya, JARVIS!” You greeted him happily.

“Ah, Miss Stark, how are you?” You rolled your eyes at the greeting. “I should inform you that your father is out at the moment.”

That was no surprise. “First, stop calling me Miss Stark. Been telling you that since day one. Secondly, that really doesn’t come as news anymore. I’ll just hang out. Are the others here?” You paused, waiting to hear if you should just head to Tony’s level, or what.

“It would seem as if they are currently in the dining room, Miss Y/N.”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks.” That was a step up from ‘Miss Stark’ at least. What 15 year old wanted to be referred to like that? Not you.

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