march 26th 2013

Justin Bieber, a year in review
  • January 4th, 2013: Bieber smokes pot
  • March 26th, 2013: Bieber beats up a neighbor
  • April 15th, 2013: Bieber decides to be a conceited dick at the Anne Frank museum
  • April 25th, 2013: More drugs in the tour bus xD
  • May 28th:  Bieber drives like a dick and people hate it
  • June 25th: Bieber beats up the paparazzi
  • July 9th: He pees in a fucking mop bucket like a shitface and fucks “Bill Clinton” like someone who doesn’t know politics.
  • November 6th: Bieber vandalized an old hotel in Brazil like a douche.
  • November 26th:  Bieber vandalizes in Australia, because he decides to be an asshole internationally.
  • December 30th: Bieber beat up a toronto limo driver, and got arrested recently.
  • January 14th: Bieber eggs an house, drugs are found in his house that, you know, Bieber doesn’t EVER do the drugs in his own house

Yeah, 19 year olds don’t make this many mistakes unless they’re a fucking douche.  Also, don’t trash Jared and Drake Bell for joking about it when THIS is who you idolize.  Stop making excuses for him. 

since i was 4 years old i wanted to meet this man… of course, back then, i believed he was a timelord, and i studied as much as i could about the stars and science in case i would one day meet him. decades later, he’s still
“my doctor”, and it was amazing hearing him say my name… curious about its origins, wondering if i lived up to my title.

i wanted to ask him questions, and instead, he wanted to know about me. of course, being shy… and overwhelmed, i could only force out a few words… and tell him he would always be “my doctor”. he did say my name once more while autographing a photo of him with K-9… then he rushed to the next person in line (who was a very awesome gentleman we had been chatting up in line).

i had no idea Tom Baker would be signing autographs a few stores down from my hotel, but i thank the universe for the coincidence… but in time and space, there are no coincidences are there? :P


Amanda Knox Trial 2.0 (Story #2)

The acquittal of Amanda Knox has been overturned, and they are wanting to re-try all over again.

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Hosts: Joe Bereta, Elliott Morgan


This YouNow took place on March 26th 2013. Today is March 26th 2015. Phil’s first video on YouTube ever was made 9 years ago today, March 26th. “Its going to take a long time to edit” “when it gets released, it will be like a video is being descended from the heavens” - Dan. The Vegas video they will be posting in October obviously is going to be huge. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) K I’m done here.