march 20th 2013


jill’s infinite list of favorite royal outfits (daytime looks) ⤀ catherine, the duchess of cambridge visits baker street station to celebrate 150 years of the tube wearing a by malene birger teal embellished coat and a whiteley hat & co. beret style hat with coordinating accessories on march 20th, 2013.


and maybe one day you will start living your life like you want it. Maybe one day you will be happy. Just stop putting yourself down there are million of people waiting in line ready to do it for you. Be Yourself, have fun. Be fantastic.


One Year since I shaved my hair for cancer charity
March 20th 2013 - March 20 2014


Never forget.
March 20th 2008
August 7th 2013
December 8th 2014
How proud i am of all three of them is unbelievable.
No matter what, each fandom forever loves you guys.


My Ostara alters!  I have a Goddess alter, and a magic Dragon Alter this equinox.  I’m trying to keep them relatively simple, so the Dragon Alter is the only one with a great deal of crystals.  I also have set up an area in each direction of my house for each element for when I call upon the elements.  They are going to be kept very simple!

Two pictures of the Dragon Alter because I want to secretly show off my new wall sconces I got off Etsy haha!

This equinox is about protection and encouragement of new life with spring.


okay guys I wanna share something with you. I’ve seen a lot of people says that they can do nothing in art and it always makes me so sad, Please hear me out. You CAN do anything you want. But there are a couple of rules. 1) never stop believe in yourself. 2) never stop drawing. 3) always practicing.

so first two drawings it is my first traditional art try and one of my last drawings. 2005 vs 2015

and then it is my first digital art try and then my last digital drawing. March 20th 2013 vs march 18th 2015.

see the difference? all I did is PRACTICE. Please, lovely people, if you love to draw don’t let yourself feel useless and sad. Look at good drawings of other artist and make yourself feel inspired. And continue to draw.

I love you <3