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Hello and thank you for all your hard work for the fandom, I really love your blog <3 I noticed a small thing re-reading kuroshitsuji and paying attention to the 2CT: every time Yana draws our!Ciel, his hair is parted on the right (from our point of view) (above his left eye, from his point of view), and every time she draws real!Ciel, his hair is parted on the left (above his right eye). Maybe you already pointed this out, but I just found out now!

Hello, thanks for your kind words<3

Yes, iirc the hair parting thing and the analysis of Kelvin’s flashback scene (ch31/32) was my very first post on the old black butler forum back in 2014! (≧▽≦)

And the pictures below were my very first crappy edits I attached to said post:

Omg, these edits bring back memories, I miss the old BB forum! xD

Anyway, the hair parting difference is 80% consistent throughout the series (it’s 100% consistent in Kelvin’s flashback though), so I’m pretty sure it’s not a mistake on Yana’s part but another little yet important detail hinting at the fact that the Phantomhives had two children, i.e. that our!Ciel had a twin :)