march 1986


Happy 31st Birthday Jai Courtney (March 15, 1986)

❝ I love bikes, I love my footy and I like getting on the piss and having fun – I’m very much an Aussie bloke. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m in touch with that. But sometimes that can be confused with being a dickhead; sometimes people have this fear of being innately alpha or masculine, and that’s bullshit. So there it is – I’m a bloke. A bloke who loves theatre and I’m also a sensitive guy. I can see that this may sometimes be an arm wrestle for others to get their head around, but it all makes sense to me.❞


If anyone considers me a monster, that’s just something they’ll have to confront in themselves…. For People to want to condemn someone, to dehumanize someone like me is a very popular and effective understandable way of dealing with a fear and a threat that is incomprehensible.” - Ted Bundy to Jon Nordheimer in the March 30, 1986 edition of The New York Times.

A letter from Ted Bundy to Ann Rule, marked March 5, 1986:

As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing to be gained by trying to sort through a lot of faded memories about what did and did not transpire between us, about your book, about your numerous public statements on serial murder. That’s water under the bridge. I have other matters to deal with.

In all candor, I must say this much to you, Ann. Judging from the statements I have heard and read about you making on serial murder, I suggest you seriously reevaluate the opinions and conclusions you’ve formed. For whatever reason, you seem to have adopted a number of oversimplified, overgeneralized and scientifically unsupportable views on the subject. The net result of this is that by disseminating such views, no matter how well-intentioned you are, you will only succeed in misleading people about the true nature of the problem and thereby make them less able to effectively deal with it.

[…]I have no animosity toward you. I know you to be an essentially good person. I wish you the best
Take care.