march 1986


Happy Birthday Manuel Neuer!

↝ March 27, 1986

Happy birthday to Manuel Peter Neuer, also known as the best goalkeeper in the world, the giant German dork that can’t help being adorable, Germany’s 11th field player, their number 1, their captain. He never fails to impress the spectators and his team mates, even though he can basically be considered a grandpa now. Here’s to another year filled of him saving our asses, funny interview moments and dorky smiles.

Thank you for doing what you do and being the greatest at it. We love you and hope you have the bet day ever!


Happy 31st Birthday Jai Courtney (March 15, 1986)

❝ I love bikes, I love my footy and I like getting on the piss and having fun – I’m very much an Aussie bloke. And you know what, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m in touch with that. But sometimes that can be confused with being a dickhead; sometimes people have this fear of being innately alpha or masculine, and that’s bullshit. So there it is – I’m a bloke. A bloke who loves theatre and I’m also a sensitive guy. I can see that this may sometimes be an arm wrestle for others to get their head around, but it all makes sense to me.❞


If anyone considers me a monster, that’s just something they’ll have to confront in themselves…. For People to want to condemn someone, to dehumanize someone like me is a very popular and effective understandable way of dealing with a fear and a threat that is incomprehensible.” - Ted Bundy to Jon Nordheimer in the March 30, 1986 edition of The New York Times.