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A Diary Detailing Lovers

Request: “What about some Newt x Leta x Gryffindor!Reader, where first it’s Newt x Leta and Bruno Mars - Grenade and after it’s Reader x Newt Bruno Mars - I think I wanna marry you? sorry it’s just I have a wave of Bruno inspiration, I would very much like if you could do something like that 💕

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1798

Warnings: None

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Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live oh
Take, take, take it all, but you never give
Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss

15th March 1913


I have some wonderful news concerning Leta.

Oh great and wonderful Leta, she’s been so sweet to me lately. And now I’m sure she feels the same way about me. She met me after Potions today at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We took such a romantic walk, and I even introduced her to the unicorn that lives in the Western depths, the one I named Lucy. Well, Lucy loved Leta, obviously. Who wouldn’t? Leta, with her beautiful brown curls, her perfect smile… oh Merlin I’ve really fallen deeply for this girl!

Then after we stopped to watch the moon, she turned to me. She told me that she cared for me profoundly, and that she knew how hard it was to care for creatures. She showered me in an array of compliments regarding the beasts, she’s always been so supportive of me! She said exactly what I needed to hear, exactly what I wanted. And then, she pulled me by my tie, and she kissed me. She kissed me!

It was the most magical thing I’ve ever felt, I know it sounds ironic. Anyway, I should be off, I’ll be writing a letter to Theseus about this! He will be so glad to hear that I’ve finally bagged a girl. I might even have mind to attach a picture of Leta, just to spite him with her sheer beauty. He will certainly be jealous.

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Alexander Waverly’s File- transcribed for those who need it with my own conversions that i kinda did in my head so if its not super accurate sorry

Name: Alexander Waverly

DOB: 1, March, 1913 in London, England

Other Notes: Second Son of the Earl of Brinscote, Relinquished title

Citizenship: British

Height: 5′11″/178-9 cm

Weight: 171lb/ 77-78 kg

Specialism: Communications- Level 9, IT, INTEL Assessments (and it fades)

Psychological Profile:  Alcoholic and Opium Addict (D1 substance abuse; APA)

Languages spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, Farsi, Russian, French, German, Swahili, Hindi

Other Skills: Fluent in 8 Languages 

Agency Position: Commander of U.N.C.L.E

Previous Intelligence Experience: MI5 Officer, F-Branch. Ran MI5 Hong Kong Office. Retired 1962

Military History: Former Special Operations, (UK SBS), Received the George Cross (and there is something else but i can’t read it)

I’ll be doing Napoleon next.  


A very big happy birthday to Disney Legend Marc Davis.

Marc Davis (March 30th, 1913 - January 12th, 2000) was one of the Nine Old Men to work with Walt on several animated films, cartoons, and later the Disneyland project.

“Marc can do story, he can do character, he can animate, he can design shows for me. All I have to do is tell him what I want and it’s there. He’s my Renaissance Man,” - Walt Disney about Davis.

His work includes such films as:
Snow White
Song of the South
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
Alice in Wonderland
Peter Pan
Sleeping Beauty
101 Dalmations

His work for WED includes:
The Jungle Cruise
The Enchanted Tiki Room
Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
The Carousel of Progress
 it’s a small world
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Haunted Mansion
The Country Bear Jamboree
America Sings

There are several other works Marc had a hand in that sadly never saw the light of day. Such as Chanticleer (an animated film), the Western River Expedition attraction, and an attraction based around a telling of winter and the snow queen.

There is a book about Marc and his work called Marc Davis: Walt Disney’s Renaissance Man. You can buy it here. A must for any Disney or animation fan.

Werner Mölders (18 March 1913 – 22 November 1941) was a World War II German Luftwaffe pilot and the leading German fighter ace in the Spanish Civil War. Mölders became the first pilot in aviation history to claim 100 aerial victories — that is, 100 aerial combat encounters resulting in the destruction of the enemy aircraft, and was highly decorated for his achievements. He was instrumental in the development of new fighter tactics that led to the finger-four formation. He died in an air crash in which he was a passenger.

Today in history: March 10, 1913 - Harriet Tubman dies. 

Harriet Tubman was an African-American leader in the abolitionist movement. Born into slavery, she escaped and then dedicated herself to liberating as many people from slavery as possible. 

Before the Civil War she made more than thirteen missions to rescue people from slavery using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She helped John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harper’s Ferry. 

When the Civil War began, Tubman worked for the Union Army, first as a cook and nurse, and then as an armed scout and spy. She was the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war, guiding the Combahee River Raid, which liberated more than 700 slaves in South Carolina. 

In the post-war era she also struggled for women’s suffrage.

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