march 19 1982

“Mr. Piggott just looked at him. He fired the gun and the students laughed, thinking it was some kind of joke.”

On March 19, 1982, 17-year-old Valley High School student and Nevada resident Patrick Lizotte opened fire on his psychology teacher Clarence Piggott, killing him. Lizotte had allegedly asked Piggott if he could excuse him from his public speaking assignment, and when he had refused, he got angry. Lizotte went home, retrieved a gun, and returned to school. He then proceeded to enter the teacher’s classroom, call out his name, kill him, and flee, wounding two students on his way out. Lizotte’s vice principal was determined to catch him, and ended up chasing him 5 blocks before the police finally cornered him. Upon seeing authorities pull up near him, Lizotte pulled out his gun but ended up getting shot in the chest by them. Once apprehended, the 17-year-old was given two life sentences without possibility of parole. An elementary school was soon set up in Piggott’s honor.