march 11th


As you can see, I’ve put so much effort into this giveaway, already. Well, anyways, as you probably heard from Logan my comic self, I have reached 616 followers and decided to do a little giveaway to celebrate!

This giveaway will last until March 10th, 2017. Likes and reblogs both count as entries, but only once for each. You must be following @maximofflegacy, @dacosta, @magnokineticheiress or @mrkii in order to participate in this event. No likes or reblogs will be counted after the event closes. Winners will be picked randomly on March 11th, 2017 and I will get to everyone’s prizes in a reasonable time, thereafter. Winners will have 1 week to claim their prizes, at which point someone else will be chosen.

For prizes and disclaimers, read more.

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God damn

Today was awful.
He freaked out in public and was hitting stuff and lunging for me.

And do you know what most bystanders do?


I honestly want to die.

March 11th.

Please come faster.

anonymous asked:

Wahhhhhh the girls and Camila will see each other at KCA!!

On March 11th? If so, that’s cool. I’m anxious to see if/how they interact if they run into each other. Plus its right after Mila’s birthday which is cool too. Are they performing, presenting or just attending?


Samurai Jack - Season 5 Teaser 

March 11th!!

I deleted a picture of you off my phone tonight along with some texts you’d sent months back. Ones telling me how much you missed me and how you needed to see me soon. I don’t get those anymore, in fact I don’t hear from you at all. I still miss you from time to time. When my eyes are heavy in the early hours of the morning or at the bottom of my 9th pint. I wonder how you are and if I ever cross your mind. If you ever see things that remind you of me and no one else, like my favourite band on tv or that film I hated so much. I still think about you but not as much anymore.
—  I maybe still love you.

Happy Birthday Avatar: March 11th 2005-2017

Thanks for 12 years of bending, fan fiction, fanart, originality, cosplay, fan clubs, cons, meetups, and life long relationships. Here’s to many more years of this beautiful little community we like to call Avatar Fans. AVATAR FANS UNITE!

Poster by myself and my friend chrisdog203

Hi Everyone!

#pokespeweek is a week dedicated to the amazing manga series! It will take place March 7th to March 14th 2017. Pokemon Adventures has been running ever since March 1997, so it’s been around for 20 years!

You can find the rules on how to participate here. I hope many people will be able to participate to celebrate!

#pokespeweek will be tracked so remember to have it within the first 5 tags!!!

Here are the prompts for each day:

  • Day 1|| March 7th || Pokedex Holder
  • Day 2 || March 8th || Non-Pokedex Holder
  • Day 3 || March 9th || Arc
  • Day 4 || March 10th || Battle
  • Day 5 || March 11th || Villain or Villainous Team
  • Day 6 || March 12th || Relationship or Friendship
  • Day 7 || March 13th || Happy or Sad Moment
  • Day 8 || March 14th || Free Day

For everyone who is participating to celebrate pokespe, thank you so much!!

Heith Week

Heith week 2017 will take place between Friday March 9th and Thursday March 15th

the only things I ask of people participating is to please only focus on heith for the event and please do not include sh@ladin as I am very uncomfortable with those ships. Be kind to other artists and authors as the week goes on, too! 

use the tag: #heithweek2k17 so I can find the posts! Younger blogs may have a hard time showing up in the tag so feel free to send your posts to @ta-guel to get them reblogged here and make sure it’s in the first five tags so tumblr tracks it.

You are not obligated to do every single day. And If you don’t like some of the prompts, then you can definitely take the day(s) you don’t like as another free day*!

the prompts are: 

  • March 9th: pets/kids
  • March 10th: confessions/lies
  • March 11th: make out/make up 
  • March 12th: free day
  • March 13th: game night/movie night
  • March 14th: fire/gold
  • March 15th: bear/panther

*I didn’t make crossover/au a prompt because I believe any of the prompts could be written in an au. Because of this, you can also use this as a substitution for a day you don’t like or fill it in for free day is you want to