I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry || Dylas and Sharron

This is it. This is it, Dylas Marcelone. Do it. Just… Just do it. Get it over with, it’ll be fine, she’ll still remember you, she’s ancient, she couldn’t have forgotten you…


He walks into the library, hood over his head with his ears sticking out. He knows shes there, he can feel her aura. He holds the small box in his hand, in his hoodie pocket, the solid item bringing him some grounding comfort as he trudged his way further into the Lost Pages Library to find his Auntie Sharron.

It was easy enough to find her- she was a beautiful, wraith-like, and his family.

He stood a few feet behind her, nearly shaking with nervousness and anticipation.

“A…Auntie Sharron?” He whimpered out, feeling his throat close up a bit. He felt tears sting his eyes, his body begging to hold her close and make sure she was okay, to know that she remembered him.

“Auntie Sharron, it’s… it’s me… Dylas.” He moved a bit closer, feeling the crying well up in him. Gosh, how many times can a man cry in one day?

“I’m sorry…” He whispered, reaching a hand out to gently take a strand of her hair, feeling the thin, light hair between his fingers. She’s so thin- almost fragile, like glass. It pushes him over the edge, and he lets the tears fall, face scrunching up a bit as he lets out a soft sob.