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  • Throwback  ( when Real Madrid won La Décima 24.5.14 )

Real Madrid UCL final asked by Anon


Carlota with family of Arbeloa, Clarice with her brother Caio and his fiancée Yasmin, Emma with her mother, Pilar with Sergio Junior and parents of Sergio, Iria and Jorgelina at the Santiago Bernabeu during Celebration La Décima :)


Top 10 moments of REAL MADRID in 2013.

1. The win against FC Barcelona.

2. The lost against Borussia Dortmund. 

3. The lost against Atletico Madrid.

4. Iker Casillas on the bench.

5. Goodbye Mou.

6. Real Madrid sign Isco.

7. New coaches (Ancelotti & Zidane)

8.. Finally, hello Bale!

9. Suddenly, Mesut left. Congregulations Arsenal!

10. After smiles and tears, we are still here!


Summary of the year 2014 - the most important events :)

I think many of you will agree with me that the year 2014 was very successful for Family Madridistas. I decided to choose for you the most important events :) So, here we go!

13th January, 2014 - That day was a FIFA Ballon d'Or Ceremony where Cristiano Ronaldo won his second Ballon d'Or of his career. It was a very moving moment for him, his family, friends and fans. During the ceremony he was accompanied by his adorable son Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, his gorgeous girlfriend Irina Shayk, and a wonderful family : mother and her partner, sisters, brother and agent Jorge Mendes.
At the gala also appeared Sergio Ramos with his girlfriend Pilar Rubio (with cute belly) who together with Cristiano was nominated for the World XI FIFA/FIFPro. Sergio was one of the best defenders, and Cristiano was one of the best strikers in 2013. Florentino Perez was accompanied by his players during the gala.
I invite you to tag Ballon d'Or 2013 to see photos / gifs / videos from this event :)

16th April, 2014 - It was the day of the Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The match was nervous, as always, but very interesting with beautiful goals. Real Madrid once again won the final at the Mestalla and players could celebrate their first cup. Of course, many WAGs came to Valencia to support the team. You know what was the best? The fact that they came together :) Not all, but most of them. It was great! At the Mestalla we could see Clarice Alves (Marcelo), Iria Otero (Diego Lopez), Jorgelina Cardoso (Angel Di Maria), Vanja Bosnic (Luka Modric) - they came together to Valencia - Ana Sofia (Pepe), Carlota Ruiz (Alvaro Arbeloa) - these two joined them at the stadium, Sara Carbonero (Iker Casillas) with sister, Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos) with Sergio’s family, Emma Rhys Jones and Alba (Gareth Bale) with Bale’s family, Maria Cortes with Nacho’s brother and friends and Mariann Barrena (Carlo Ancelotti). All photos you can find in the tag Final Copa del Rey 2013/2014. It was a great night :)

24th May, 2014 - The most important day of the year for the Madridistas. After 12 years, Real Madrid played in the Champions League final against Atlético Madrid, and after a dramatic match Los Merengues won TENTH Champions League trophy … La Décima! It was a magical night for the players and all Madridistas. Most families of players have come to the beautiful Lisbon to support them. Unfortunately, without Pilar and Ana Sofia - they were in Madrid with newborn babies. On the field we could see four kids : Vitoria (Fabio Coentrao), Enzo (Marcelo), Jon (Xabi Alonso) and Ivan (Luka Modric) who celebrated the victory with their dads.
Most families returned to Madrid with the players on the same plane. We could see a lot of photos of this magical night! All you will find here : Lisbon 2014. Enjoy!

25th May, 2014 - The day after winning, when everyone rested - or not! - La Décima arrived at the Santiago Bernabeu! Many Madridistas and most families celebrated together with the players winning the Champions League at the stadium in Madrid. We could see several kids with their dads on the field :) It was a wonderful sight! So many Little Madridistas! Real Madrid Family together :) You have to see it again : Celebration La Décima :)

12th June, 2014 - 13 th July, 2014 - That was the time the World Cup :) Twelve players of Real Madrid went to Brazil to take part in this tournament : Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso (Spain); Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Fabio Coentrão (Portugal); Karim Benzema, Raphaël Varane (France); Sami Khedira (Germany); Luka Modric (Croatia); Angel Di Maria (Argentina); Marcelo (Brazil) +  four players who joined Real Madrid after the World Cup : Toni Kroos (Germany); Keylor Navas (Costa Rica); James Rodriguez (Colombia); Javier Chicharito Hernandez (Mexico). As we all know, Germany won the tournament so Sami and Toni returned home in the best mood :) Don’t forget about James, who scored the most goals during the entire World Cup and received the Golden Boot award :) Of course, the players were supported by their families. In Brazil, we could see : Clarice Alves with Enzo (Marcelo), Jorgelina Cardoso with Mia (Angel Di Maria), Sara Carbonero (she worked in Brazil, but also support Iker), Lena Gercke (Sami Khedira), Camille Tytgat (Raphaël Varane), Jessica Faber (Toni Kroos), Daniela with Salome (James Rodriguez), Andrea Salas (Keylor Navas) and Lety Sahagun (Chicharito). It was very exciting month :) Click : World Cup Brazil 2014.

12th August, 2014 - It was the day of the UEFA Super Cup 2014 match between Real Madrid (The winner of the Champions League) and Sevilla FC (The winner of the Europa League). The match took place in Cardiff, Wales, Gareth Bale hometown. Thanks to two goals of Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid could celebrate their third cup in 2014. In Wales, they had the support of fans and families. We could see Emma Rhys Jones and Alba with their family and friends (Gareth Bale), Ana Sofia with Pepe’s sister (Pepe), Maria Cortes with Maite, Nacho’s sister (Nacho Fernandez) and Mariann Barrena (Carlo Ancelotti). It was the first important match of the new season. UEFA Super Cup 2014. Enjoy!

27th October, 2014 - That day was a 2013/2014 LFP Awards Ceremony. Gala was very successful for the players of Real Madrid, because Keylor Navas was the best goalkeeper, Sergio Ramos was the best defender, Luka Modric was the best midfielder, and Cristiano scored Hat-trick : best striker, the best goal of the season and MVP of the season. During the gala, they were supported by their families. We could see Keylor with his wife Andrea, Luka with his wife Vanja and son Ivan, Cristiano with his girlfriend Irina and Sergio Ramos with his brother Rene. At the gala also appeared James Rodriguez who gave the award for Cristiano Ronaldo, for the best striker. For me, the best part was the video from behind the scenes :) I love it! All three ladies (Andrea, Irina and Vanja) looked beautiful. You have to see it again : Premios LFP 2013/2014.

5th November, 2014 - That day Cristiano received his third Golden Boot in his career. In this event, he was accompanied by his son Cristiano Ronaldo Junior, mother and her partner, agent Jorge Mendes, and three teammates : Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Gareth Bale. It’s a pity that Irina could not be with them :) Golden Shoe 2013/2014.

20th December, 2014 - The last match of the 2014 and the chance to win a fourth cup. In the finale in Marrakesh, Real Madrid played against San Lorenzo de Almagro Buenos Aires. The match was not as exciting as the previous finals, but Real Madrid was better and won. At the moment, Merengues are the best team in the world :) I’m so proud!
In the beautiful Marrakesh we could see Clarice with Enzo and her mother, Andrea Salas, Pilar Rubio and Mariann Barrena :) So let’s see again FIFA Club World Cup 2014!

I hope that 2015 year will also be successful and will be able to enjoy more success with Real Madrid :)