You took everything away when you left. Everything. I didn’t know who I was. And I blamed myself. I thought… how could any mother abandon their own child at twelve? And all these years, I thought about that one question. And the only answer I could think of was it must’ve been me. There must’ve been something so fundamentally wrong with me that you couldn’t bear to stay. 

Ten Celebrities I Adore
inspired by brittaisab 

2. Rosie Ellen Celine Marcel

My absolute favourite actress. She’s just, amazing in every way it’s possible to be amazing. She’s stunning, she’s adorable, she’s talented, she’s hilarious, she can make me cry (the girl who rarely cries), and she can make me laugh and she actually makes me want to be a better person. Yet another person who’s love of animals makes them a thousand times more amazing (trekking through Romania despite the fact that her condition means she gets tired a billion times easier than most people, to raise money for a Bear Sanctuary is just… awesome). Crying so hard that you can’t physically cry any more is the sign of dedication, if you ask me. 

top 5 TV episodes that I could watch over and over again (and do)

four holby city - what goes around

I continue to watch despite the fact that it tears me apart every time. I love any episode that gives my favourite actor the chance to really shine, and there’s no doubt that this one did. Plus, I always adore Jac’s storylines, because she’s a fascinating & amazing character.

I tried to make this picspam smaller, I really did but… I couldn’t cut any of this out. So it has 27 caps, which may be slightly excessive. Also, I cried while making it, and had to skip most of the truly heartcrushing scene (that I spammed the other day)