hi andreww

yeah im deckin out your page right now because your to lazy to do it yourself and i found this picture. i really dont remeber what we were doing.. or why we’re friends.. because your weird as fuck. i’m just kidding! okay. yeah so uhh bye


marcellewallace replied to your post: Single for life. and this is not a joke.

i know ectly how you feel. but sometimes you just have to understand that maybe once you stop wanting something thats when you finally get it. and im sure you will find someone when the moment is right :)

thats the thing tho. im not even out here lookin for nobody. but im always stuck in the same sitituation where im the third wheel cuz nobody wants to talk to me. Just fucks with my self esteem more than anything. i mean its already low as it is. 

i can't do this anymore.

I’m breaking. I’m just shattered. and your the one person I really thought would be there for me. And your not here. Your ignoring me. the one time i really need you. you decide you just don’t want to be bothered with me.