i feel like this song from Stakes (everything stays) is good at describing the relationship between these two… while they were apart, they changed, and they grew as people, but the spark and their love was still there waiting when they were ready to try again. i’m so happy!!

wondering what happens to pb and marceline after the series finale?

if the official comics have anything to do with it, they presumably GET GAY MARRIED AND RULE A CANDY/VAMPIRE KINGDOM TOGETHER AS QUEENS

oh, and they have cute conjoint queen chairs

whether they’re canon is up to debate, but they’re directly approved by pen ward himself and i refuse to believe anything other than these fabulous babes gaying up the place for a thousand years (what with being immortal/practically immortal)

One Last Time For An Adventure (Adventure Time Appreciate Post)

Adventure Time is one of the most unique shows that ever came out alongside with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Regular Show. Being the show that saved Cartoon Network when it was in the dark ages back in the early 2010s. This show is so brilliant for its creativity and writing. This show had it all, for example…

1) Finn growing up in every season from being immature twelve years old 

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to a mature seventeen years old.

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Making us, the fans to relate to him more as we grow old with him and develops as the show passes on to each season.

2) It’s the combination of comedic by random humor

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With plot that pretty much made everyone love the show for like Simon Petrikov/Ice King story and his interaction Marceline 

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3) It’s great setting that made the show most interesting, telling what might Finn and Jake will find and disover as they travel the land of Ooo

It’s also set on on post apocalyptic Earth 

4) It divines into mature themes such as 


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and the list keeps going on of how much they’ve shown

4) The characters developing to the show like Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were always neutral towards each other but they patch things up in season 7. Started to hang out more 

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5) The Songs 

 Now that I’ve rewatched the show and I can say that this was one of the best cartoons shows that I’ve ever watched and It’s hard to see it go. Without it, we won’t be seeing cartoon shows such as Star vs The Forces of Wall, Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, OK KO Lets Be Heroes and Gravity Falls. This show was a huge part of my childhood from my late elementary years to college. Thank you AT Crew, you guys did one hell of a job making this mathematical show for characters and story you’ve provided for eight years. The fun will never end, it’s always an adventure time!