marceline x finn


This is just so cute cosplaying time. I just don’t like brick as prince gumball. :o He should of been finn and pb of course blossom. While boomer is prince gumball while fionna is bubbles of course. o U o! But I love the rest.


Future vision

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Marcy with a bubblegum tattoo

I ship finnceline cause marcy is the only one girl who hasn't hurt finn

Bubblegum has broken his heart without having a clue so
Many times that it’s not even funny.

Flame princess has hurt him both emotionally and physically. (What with her being made of fire.)

Slime princess was only using him to keep her crown.

And all the others are either not into him or are into someone else or irrelevant.

Marceline has never hurt him. She even went to the movies with him when PB wouldn’t.

You can’t stop me