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Adventure Time set to end in 2018

Prepare yourself for the post-post-Apocalyspe, because the end of the beloved Cartoon Network animated show is now in sight. 

The show will end after its ninth season, which is currently running. According to The Hollywood ReporterAdventure Time will have aired “142 half-hours of content,” as well as having earned six Emmys, a Peabody, a BAFTA and Annie Awards. 

In addition to the show’s acclaim, the late-2015 minseries Stakes!, heavily featuring Marceline the Vampire Queen, was also a “phenomenal success, ranking as the No. 1 program in its time period with all key kids and boys audiences,” according to the official Cartoon Network press release. 

The show’s creator, Pendleton Ward, stepped down as showrunner sometime during the fifth season (2012-2014), deciding to stay on as a writer and storyboard artist. The show has gone on quite well in the capable hands of current showrunner adammuto​ and his creative team. 

This announcement comes on the heels of Regular Show’s own final season announcement — the J.G. Quintel-created show began its final season last Monday (Sept. 26) and will run through January 2017.

- Courtney ( @harmonicacave ) / Image by Christopher ( @scribbleaddict )

I was in a rough place when i discovered adventure time, and no cartoon has impacted me as much as this show has. I came out of my shell, made new friends, created an ask blog, really dove into being an artist, wrote stories, made characters and expanded to even more amazing cartoons.

Thanks for helping me grow up AT, you’ve really impacted my life and i’m so glad to have gotten to experience you every week with your amazing characters and content.

I’ll be savoring these last two seasons as best i can, and when the show ends, i will continue to be part of the AT fandom.

The adventure isn’t over yet, and when the show ends, i will never forget what it’s done for me.

The fun will never end~


It’s kinda crazy hearing about Adventure Time ending soon. The years passed by so quickly, I still remember the day it came out and when I tuned at 7 pm to see more Finn and Jake’s adventures. Adventure Time not only impacted me with it’s fun humor but with it’s emotional stories and memorable characters. Even though I don’t watch it that much anymore it still has a close place to my heart.

Thank You, AT Crew for the amazing journey through the Land of Ooo.


Today is Olivia Olsens birthday and CN just released a new Marceline Secret Track called Happy Ending Song