marceline singing

i don’t know what to do without you,
i don’t know where to put my hands,
i’ve been trying to lay my head down,
but i’m writing this at 3 AM.

i don’t need the world to see
that i’ve been the best i can be, but
i don’t think i could stand to be,
where you don’t see me.

and autumn comes when you’re not yet done,
with the summer passing by, but
i don’t think i could stand to be,
where you don’t see me.

  Alrighty yall so Ive just watched Sadie Killer (ugh..) actually.. it was an okay episode just not RIGHT NOW YOU KNOW. But Im just going to forget about Lars being in space while all this happens because its raising my blood pressure the show continues to mention him yet does nothing about it which just adds salt to the injury.

So basically it starts off at the doughnut and Sadie is exhausted as she has to work double shifts they could’ve found a temporary replacement so Sadie wouldn’t have to kill herself worker so much but nah.. Steven invites Sadie for band practice which she says she’ll try and go. Anyway there is this shitty gag when Sadie says hopefully she can finish restocking napkins early as or some reason they are always running out turns out it’s Steven stealing them all and he doesn’t even know that he is as he says it’s weird they are always running out (which he does RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER) and even leaves some on the floor which she is sweeping up.. yeah you know you’re just adding to my hatred of Steven from Dewey wins. 

We cut to the cool kids now and the can’t find their sound it reminds me off that scene in Adventure Time you know the one when Marceline sings “I’m just your problem” That’s one great song. Buck sets them up a gig at some seafood place which makes no sense as the band doesn’t even have a name yet so how can you set yourself a gig without giving a name? Steven has a go singing and let’s just bang this kid from writing lyrics as every song he starts by strumming his guitar/ukulele apart from Peace and Love on the planet  Earth which I love I hate.. his lyrics.. just make me cringe. The group seems like they’re getting nowhere and Steven suggests they wrap up for the night just then Sadie shows up and says sorry she’s late she had work. She was too late..

Next day? I think. It shows Sadie arriving home after work and it seems earlier than next time? Well things at close different times so. And the cool kids + Steven off course follow her home to join her! (I thought that was really sweet) Sadie asks them to give her a minute to clear up her room (basically hide all her interests because shes afraid of seeming dorky in front of the cool kids, I know that feeling girl) its funny because (petty alert!) they head down there before shes finished cleaning up like wait for her to call you in..

 Buck basically feels uncomfortable in the spot he is and sits next to Sadie on her bed when she hid her DVD’s exposing them. They turn out to be horror films Jenny recognises one and says its a classic and they have to watch it! (Don’t wanna seem strict but don’t you all like need to hurry up and create a song before the show because Buck stupidly signed you up for one before you even know what you were all doing? Now isn’t the time for Movies but here I am writing this when I should be studying for school so can I comment?)  Even Steven says hey don’t we need to find our sound? So yeah..

So they watch the movie and can I say i’m 100% Steven when watching horror films 

To be fair the movie did help them with inspiration so..  Sour Cream says how he likes the sound from the movie and starts making a good beat Jenny then Steven joins in, cream says all they need is some lyrics and Sadie basically vents about her feelings about work. Now I understand why people are comparing her to Taylor Swift. I know some people have said they don’t like the song I actually really liked it! Sadie being extra puts lipstick on her eyes to make it look like blood? Yeah okay. 

It (2017)

I did enjoy this scene I mean the lyrics at some part were a little wack you know the whole eating your brains bit I mainly liked the beat you know off course everyone likes it and Buck calls Sadie Sadie Killer.. the episode title..hurray!

Next day, Sadies at work Steven (im getting tired of this kid) comes to visit her and asks her for help on lyrics because his are so shit (like I said) Sadie basically says its because of her shitty position shes in right now being overworked which drove her to make up those lyrics (her saying loosing somebody shes really close to got me) Steven basically shows no remorse and says he cant do all that before the show :) COMFORT YOUR FRIEND GOD DAMN IT! sadly she can’t come to the show. Sadie starts telling Steven her feelings and Steven basically tries to use them as lyrics.. yeah he doesn’t care about her the show is great at establishing that. Steven fucks of and steals a whole bunch of napkins again OKAY NOW. Last time made sense as he bought doughnuts and stuff (even though he took an excessive amount) but this time my boy bought NOTHING and still steals the napkins for no apparent reason and he made a mess! AHHHH-

Next day and the Steven meets the Cool kids for the gig and sadly Sadie is a no show they set off. But Kiki loses the directions Buck gave to her, luckily they stopped because Sadie comes running. She can come! She can basically come to everything because she..


The end basically. Aw man I kinda wanted to see how well recieved their little song was at the gig but you KNOW the crowd loved it but Im NOT going to bet on it… not after last time with me betting over who wins in Dewey Wins

Thanks for reading


310: What Was Missing  -  702: Varmints

Oh, these two.

I wanted to make a sort of parallels gifset about What Was Missing and Varmints, and I also wanted to talk about it, so why not do both at the same time? It’s under the cut to save your dashboards.

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