marceline and her dad

The Things that made Bubbline my AT OTP and why it could be cannon

 Marceline little angry/sad gay song to Bonnibel 

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Like damn! PB was like “You still love me?”

She actually kept the shirt

and she sniffs it

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and it has more feeling than Hambo which made me question of how much does she f@cking care for her?!

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Fu@king Varmints was gay!

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Fuc@ing Adventure Time Mini-series “Stakes” was really gay!

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Look how happy Bonnibel is when she’s riding on Bat form Marceline in the opening!

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Marcy was dreaming about Bonnie and growing old with her like cheeses can it not be more obvious!

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Marceline basically invited Bonnibel to have dinner with her “dad”

and they actually have history with each other, and there’s probably be a ep about how they met soon in season 7

Yep, this is probably the awesome reason why it should be cannon. You could probably tell I was bored 

Do you remember Marceline? The daughter of Mark and Ben from The Mark side?

Well I decide to draw her again, but changing the design.

(It’s a shit in my opinion, the draw not the character,  but I like it anyway)

More of her:

Name: Marceline Reed

Age: 13

Dad: Markus Reed

Preg!Dad (Just because I can ok? >:v): Benjamin Washigton

Like: Sweets, make jokes, her parents, her cousin Ethan.

Dislike: Homophobia, someone say something bad of Mark and Ben, vegetables.

Other thing: Hyperactive, smart. not innocent, like anime.



Marceline and Finn: Abandoned

“Also, nothing he told me about my past in his letter matches up with what little my dad told me. Either one of them was lying or wrong or they both were. I didn’t know why i was left behind, what happened to my mom , i don’t get it the problem is , maybe i never will”

i was reading this and is so sad marceline was abandoned by her dad and she doesnt know about what happens with her mom 

and finn was abandoned by his dad and doesnt know about what happened to his mom 

dammit they are so alike 



my poor twin souls they need to get together in orden to be healed! :(

can we talk about all the gay that has been going on on tv lately? i mean, the abundance of fucking gayness that’s been perpetually occurring in recent years is wonderful. marceline invited her gf bonnie to formally meet her dad, norma bates made out with a stripper, alec kissed magnus instead of his bride, there’s probably gonna be some lesbian activity on faking it tonight, and it’s only tuesday. what a time to be alive, man 👏👏👏

@ahzoka here is the Bubbline episode list:

First here are some episodes you should watch for some essential Marceline backstory, because Marceline is The Coolest:

  • “It Came From The Nightosphere” (Marceline and her dad, Hunson Abadeer, the Lord of Evil and ruler of the Nightosphere) (yes she is a half-demon in addition to being a vampire) (Adventure Time is like that you kinda just have to roll with it)
  • “Memory of a Memory” (Sets up something that is important later on)
  • “I Remember You” (Marceline’s history with the Ice King, also sets up something important later on)
  • (“Simon and Marcy” isn’t necessary but you should watch it anyway)

Okay now for the Bubbline:

  • “What Was Missing” (ft. the gayest song ever)
  • “Sky Witch” (Update: more gay) 
  • “Red Starved” (Only a little bit of Bubbline but still)
  • “Princess Day” (Again only a little bit, but also worth watching just for the Marceline/Lumpy Space Princess BROTP)
  • (some major stuff happened in here with Bubblegum but frankly it would make no sense unless you watched the whole series, but you’ll be okay)
  • Varmints (Update: really gay)

And the currently-ongoing Marceline-focused “Stakes” minseries, which I haven’t actually watched yet but I know it’s really gay:

  • “Marceline the Vampire Queen”
  • “Everything Stays" 
  • "Vamps About" 
  • "Empress Eyes”
  • “May I Come In?”
  • “Take Her Back”
  • “Checkmate”
  • “The Dark Cloud”