marceline (the vampire queen)


For the people who did see the episode “ketchup”, it was obvious that this was an episode full of emotion for Marceline. She told a story about how “rock star girl” wanted to safe her best friend, “lollipop girl”. After that, we could see a picture of her and her mother. She didn t even remember she had the picture.

But why ketchup? Why is this episode called ketchup? Not because BMO misheard Marceline saying ketchup?

No she wrote a song, dedicated to her father Fries Song

The fries made Marceline wonder if her father even loves her.

below is a scene frome episode “03.03 - Memory of a Memory“

As you can see she has ketchup in her hands and her father is eating her fries.

Also in the currently last episode of adventure time, “three buckets” Finn discovers some “dried ketchup“ on his arm.

Ketchup again, why is it ketchup? A metaphor for (un)resolved issues?

Well…… by removing “the dried ketchup”, Finn could hear a message from princess Bubblegum. And this was his way out……