Gala Raises Funds for Emergency Response Unit

By Risri Elthron

On Sunday evening, friends and colleagues of the Emergency Response Unit gathered together to raise money for the group. An attack recently saw the group’s medical supplies destroyed and stolen. The group received donations from many of those in attendance and raised funds via an auction at the end of the night.

Food and drinks were served while members of the Emergency Response Unit took blood donations. In addition, one of the members was on hand to receive funds and any supplies donated by attendees.

The organizers also hosted best dressed competition with individual and couple contestants.

The individual competition saw Marshal Percy Dewdancer finish in first place in his shining armor, Entertainer Dreyfus Xano came in second place with his suit and trademark hat, and Detective Alex Conall of the Allied Detective Agency in third place.

(Pictured Percy Dewdancer, Dreyfus Xano, Host Leah Hammond, and Alex Conall)

The couple competition saw Alex Conall and Breana Rhinehardt in first place, Lieutenant Codgen Mechabolt and Tiny Megablast came in second place, and Marceliene Ayre with Tomen Dawes in the third place spot.

(Pictured Breana Rhinehardt, Alex Conall, Tiny Megablast, Codgen Mechabolt, Marceliene Ayre, and Tomen Dawes)

The auction saw rare and unique items sold to the highest bidder, the highest sellers being a rare Shal’dorei necklace and a Sha in a Jar.

The Emergency Response Unit operates out of the Cathedral District. The funds raised from the auction and donations received have raised enough funds for all that was stolen and destroyed to be replaced. “We’d like to extend thanks to the Dragontooth League, the City Watch, Wrynn’s Wolves, the Allied Detective Agency, the staff of the Royal Courier, and of course the many others who made the occasion such a rousing success! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!”


Tomen Dawes

Bartender. Tattoo Artist. Witch.

Where & Activities:

Tomen is generally all over the place, as he has been all his life. He’s keeping residence at an inn in Stormwind, so he’s more settled down than he’s been in a long while.  While working part-time at Sisters in Sin as a bartender, he’s also taking any work he can as a tattoo artist.

Life and Personal:
Tomen is, as always, just trying to make his way. He’s hoping soon to connect more with his friend Anthony to discuss opening a tattoo parlor, or renting out a small space for one. He’s recently reconnected with his childhood friend, Marceliene, and after many years of being forcefully separated, they’re letting each other know their true feelings for one another.

Privately Dealing With:
Things are not all that bad at the moment for Tomen. While he does struggle with his desire to roam, he’s easing into city life as best he can and Marceliene is making a decent guide thus far. Being someone who has never been tied down in any way, he now has to worry about his and Marceliene’s blossoming relationship, and how badly he will probably fuck it up somehow – especially considering he enjoys the company of women other than her and the fact he works at a brothel.

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Marceliene, the Harvest Witch.

the basics ——

Name: Marceliene Ayre, Blair.

Age: Late Twenties.

Birthday: Late January.

Race: Human.

Ancestry: Gilnean. (Not afflicted with the curse.)

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Heterosexual.

physical appearance ——

Hair: Long, wispy umber locks.

Eyes: Bold umber.

Height: Five-foot, six-inches.

Build: Lithe with pear-shaped womanly curves.

Distinguishing Marks: Sunkissed by tons of freckles.

Accessories: A transparent-white crystal pendant.

Character Likeness: Oona Chaplin.

traits ——

  • extroverted / introverted / in-between
  • disorganized / organized / in-between
  • close-minded / open minded / in between
  • calm / anxious / in between
  • approachable / aloof / in between
  • cautious / reckless / in-between
  • patient / impatient / in between
  • outspoken / reserved / in between
  • leader / follower / in between
  • empathetic / unsympathetic / in between
  • optimistic / pessimistic / in between
  • ambitious / lazy / in between
  • civilized / uncivilized / in between
  • loyal / disloyal / in between
  • faithful / unfaithful / in-between

habits ——

Smoking: Occasionally with certain herbs.

Narcotics: Not to be disclosed openly.

Alcohol: Frequently, preferably dark wine.

Quirks: Humming, tongue clicking, finger twitching.

Morning Ritual: Drinking herbal tea while reading scriptures followed by routine meditation.

Nightly Ritual: Hour-long soak in a bath with herbal salts and routine meditation within her chambers.

The warm aroma of incense filled the first floor of a newly furnished apartment just outside Stormwind’s Trade District. Gentle patters of rain drench the the windowpane, naturally musing a sweet ambiance throughout the room.

Marceliene perched herself up along the adjacent windowsill, not too far from the other sill littered with many untouched candles and incense, save for one.

Casting a brief glance over her shoulder, peering towards a seemingly simple quill and pad of paper as a quiet incantation fell from her lips. A vibrant hue enchanted the quill, dipping into a well of ink and sprawled along the notepad.

“Dearest Tomen,

I hope you haven’t worried your pretty head over my absence, and wish you’ll forgive me for taking longer than expected. All the affairs with the Ayre dowry and land have been tidied up, granting me the freedom to move within the city. My humble apartment can be found next to the jeweler’s shop, it’s two story with an adorable little greenhouse, you can’t miss it. 

Feel free to stop by at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely Yours,

Marceliene Ayre Blair

… It’ll take some time to get accustomed to using my maiden name again.”

The enchanting quill jotted down every word, punctuating and spacing accordingly - even scratching a line through the late surname. Marceliene murmured another incantation while raising a delicate hand to flick her wrist towards the notepad, tearing off the written paper to whisk throughout the room and stuff itself into a vacant envelope. One last scratch from the quill skittered across the face of said envelope, addressed to one Tomen Dawes. Waiting until the rainfall lightened up, the freckled witch casted the letter off to the mailing house to be picked up by a bewildered courier and sent at their convenience. 


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02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness? 21. What is one of your character’s biggest fears? How would they react when dealing with this fear? 39. When people look at your character, is there some assumption they might make about them just by appearance? Is that assumption correct?

1. Tomen is more than a little insecure about his masculinity. He’s never been the ideal male according to society. He’s largely a pacifist, sometimes a coward, and fairly submissive by nature. In a world full of sword-swinging, macho heroes, he feels he’s a letdown in comparison. 

2. To lose Marceliene from his life again. Growing up they were attached at the hip until she was forced into a marriage at a young age and taken away by the nobleman, leaving him alone and without his greatest friend. Now that she’s back in his life, he’ll do most anything to keep her in it.

3. Though he might look every bit the strapping male, inwardly he isn’t so.  Between the burly frame, large beard, flesh littered with tattoos, and wild hair, he looks far more aggressive and masculine than he is. Aside from that most people would be correct about his appearance - he is in fact a dirty, greasy-haired peasant. 

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Marceliene Blair Ayre

Lesser Noble. Herbalist. Witch.

Current Whereabouts & Activities: After the night of the Charity Ball, Marceliene traveled up north to settle the final terms for the Ayre estate. With the help of a trusted realtor, the small plot of land has been sold to the highest bidder and a trusted accountant has successfully transferred the dowry into a safe deposit under her name found in Stormwind; leaving everything behind except for a good amount of clothes. Traveling back to the human capital soon after the affairs were handled, Marceliene is now tasked with purchasing a humble abode; a two-story apartment outside of the city’s trading district has caught her eye and even has an above-ground greenhouse! The next step? Searching for a place to work, currently on the look-out for anything involving herbalism or medicine! So, as if this moment, most of her time has been spent furnishing her new apartment and settling in, but nonetheless being kept busy!

Current Life & Personal: Over the years, Marceliene has been closed off from the world around her… literally. The marriage to Lord Ayre was not a pretty picture, nor would anyone outside of the estate know what truly went on. So! After a year of mourning and settling affairs from her late husband, she has recently reconnected with a childhood friend, Tomen. The two knuckleheads are sparing no time in showing their true feelings for one another and cherish every moment spent together. She has taken a keen interest in Doctor Corwin after hearing about the well-run clinic, and hopes to see if opportunity knocks.

Private Dealings: As outwardly amiable Marceliene may seem, an insecurity has left her wounded, and nearly hesitant to form bonds. Even after all the years spent apart, she has never once disregarded her feelings for Tomen. Although their blossoming relationship seems to be developing greatly, a part of her is afraid Tomen still holds some resentment towards her; the fear of losing him, again, is always looming in the deep, dark depths of her mind. During the nights spent alone, she struggles with night terrors. Other days, she will preoccupy herself by reading into new spells for witchcraft or by tending to her garden.



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★ - Tomen

Publicly: Marceliene has never felt more comfortable around someone as much as she has with Tomen. He’s the greatest and closest friend she’s known - regardless of the years spent apart. Some may find it skeptical for a lesser noble to turn all of her attention onto a grungy-looking fellow, but their blossoming chemistry is undeniable. An everlasting friendship… and more.

Privately: Marceliene taunts and teases poor Tomen relentlessly. A bad habit since childhood that has only grown worse with adulthood. Knowing the poor bloke has obvious pent up frustrations from their separation, she only influences his carnal appetite by taunting and teasing promiscuously until his primal instincts cause him to take her. She loves this man with every fiber of her being, and knows that someday.. the two will be happily married.



Rain - Priscilla Ahn


Dearest Reinhardt Clinic Staff,

Please forgive this missive if it seems improper, but word has traveled upwind about your lovely clinic and staff! I simply could not resist sending a letter!

I fear I have not left my late husband’s manor for some time but I would very much love to have an audience with you and the Countess of the house I have heard so much about! Perhaps your clinic may have use for an herbalist? Someone to tend to the gardens or crops? Oh, it would be so grand! Please, please, keep up the fine work and I do hope to receive word from you soon! A courier should be able to send a missive to the Ayre estate without any trouble!

Kindest Regards,

Marceliene Ayre

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★ !!

Publicly: Tomen tries to keep his cool somewhat around Marceliene, but he’s absolutely not shy in letting people know about their budding romance. She’s his best friend, as she has been near his whole life - minus all the years she was away. Now she’s becoming more and he’s treasuring all his time spent with her whether they’re roaming the woods together or simply lounging around and talking.

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Privately: He’s madly in love with Marce and can scarcely keep his grubby hands off of her. The man’s got a lot of years of pent up frustration to get out! He knows without a doubt that some day they’ll get married when their lives are more settled and the time is right for them.

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Dearest Tomen,

Please forgive my absence, and my deepest apologies for writing you after years of silence. I am not dead, I assure you, I am actually quite healthy!

I do hope you are doing well for yourself, I caught wind of a rumor that one might find you in Stormwind? Oh, I do hope this rumor is true! I have spent my years far up north of the capital with my late husband– Yes, the poor dear, a terrible fever took him some winters ago, very tragic but! It is to be expected of old age, hm? Our immunities become so fickle in old age, what a terrible drag! Regardless! I do hope this letter reaches you, wherever your little heart may lie and would adore to receive word from you soon! Just ask the kind couriers to send a response to the Ayre estate, and they will handle the rest! Be well, my dear!

Kindest Regards,

Marceliene Ayre