I’m not an avid Marcellus/Marcia shipper, for me, this moment is pretty darn perfect. Like, has anyone actually visualized what the full scene looks like?


Marcellus (stumbling forward): Septimus- Marcia!

Marcia (rising and looking around): Marcellus? Marcellus! What were you thinking-”

Marcellus: Is it you? We thought- we feared you had-”

Marcia: The moving chamber- and you and Septimus-”

Marcellus: Is it really you, Marcia? 

Marcia (seizes his hands): Of course it’s me-

Marcellus: You’re not dead-

Marcia: Obviously-

Marcellus: It is you- you’re alive-

Marcia (Irritated): Yes, Marcellus, I am real-”

Marcellus: Oh, thank goodness…

(They both pause and realize their hands are joined and Septimus is staring at them.)