marcel x louis

Marcel and Louis

A/N Because I just fucking had too okay it was too tempting. FIGHT ME!

“I can do better the next time.” Marcel kept repeating to himself as he picked up the damaged styling options. He paused taking a shaky breath blinking fast. “Don’t cry. Crying is for babies.” He said to himself rubbing at his eyes. He picked up the last board setting it on the table.

“It’s okay they hated my ideas. Perfectly fine.” Marcel tried to convince himself looking around the office. He sniffled a few tears running down his face. He quickly wiped them away shaking his head. “No, no crying. Big boy Marcel.” He whispered to himself. He took the broken pictures walking out of the office.

Everywhere was trashed. Papers everywhere and thrown over desks. People were scrambling to clean up the place and sweep up the broken glass. He shook his head making his way for the exit door. He nearly tripped on a chair almost dropping all the things in his head. He sighed going to the door and leaving.

 He looked up at the bright sky. The sun shined brightly. It was nothing less than a beautiful day. The air was warm and the birds were chirping. He made his way to his car opening the back door throwing what was left in the back seat. He noticed a sticky note he had stuck on the rear view mirror.


It read with smiley face and heart stickers on it. He took it off crumbling it tears forming in his eyes again. He opened the door to get into his car. “Hey! Marcel!” He heard a voice call from behind him. He blinked away the tears turning around. The one boy, Louis, came up to him smiling.

“Uh Hello.” Marcel greeted standing awkwardly by his car. “Hey listen I just wanted to apologize for shutting your ideas down so harshly.” Louis started staring at him. Marcel looked down playing with the hem of his shirt. “It’s fine. They were stupid anyway.” Marcel replied shaking his head. Louis stepped forward “I don’t think they were stupid. Just not us, you know,” “Besides they were unique and the presenter was really cute.” Louis said smiling at him.

Marcel looked up surprised his cheeks turning pink. “Really?” Marcel asked slightly astonished. “Yeah.” Louis answered leaning up to give Marcel a short but sweet kiss on the lips. He pulled away tucking a small piece of paper in his pocket. “Call me.” Louis said before walking away turning around once to wink at him.

Marcel’s heart was pounding as he opened to car door sitting in the drivers seat. He picked up his phone dialing a number and putting it to his ear.

“Ma you’ll ever guess what just happened!”