marcel wanders lipstick


MAC Ultimate Collection Lipstick Swatches

MAC’s Ultimate Collection, with prismatic gunmetal packaging designed by Marcel Wanders, is now available in Singapore.

If you haven’t tried this new permanent range, it’s designed to be a premium line for MAC, with luxurious, skin-friendly textures that lean closer to luxe brands. (In fact, those Ultimate lipsticks feel quite similar in texture to Chanel Rouge Allures.) 

My personal favorites in the lipstick range include:

Audacious - scarlet

Soft Pout - caramely nude

Marque - shimmery pink-based brown beige

Lover’s Street - perfect pink beige

Femme De-Luxe - bright pink

But what was more of a surprise hit for me was Sheer Mystery Powder.

This is probably the silkiest and least powdery-looking powder I’ve tried in awhile. I’d kinda dismissed it as a gimmicky new compact (the prismatic Marcel Wanders design looks cool but is more clunky than I’d like for clutches and small bags, but the texture of the powder totally won me over. 

It’s great for mid-day touch-ups because it:

  • doesn’t look cakey or build up unnaturally over makeup
  • evens out the skin subtly but doesn’t look heavy
  • mattifies but doesn’t look powdery
  • diffuses pores and fine lines (the before/after photos are un-retouched)

My only (minor) beef with it?

The sponge is a little too big and keeps getting stuck in the mirror compartment. You need to spend a few moments digging/pushing to release it every time you want to use it.

If anyone tries to convince me it’s meant to be like this by design so that you don’t drop your puff, they’re either lying or they don’t use compacts to touch up often. Because the two things you immediately need to do when you pop open your compact are either to:

  1. Check your face quickly in the mirror (can’t do that easily)
  2. Grab the sponge to apply more powder (can’t do that easily either)

If MAC can get over this little design flaw (and stock more colors than “pale ivory” and “medium plus” in Singapore), it automatically gets two huge thumbs up from me.

In either case, this collection is well worth checking out for those of you who prefer more luxurious lines and always saw MAC more as a brand for young ‘uns who like adventurous colors, and makeup artists. The colors and textures in this line are highly wearable and very flattering. 

Of course, there’s also the very much more “Adult” price tags. In Singapore, Ultimate lipsticks retail at SGD41 and Sheer Mystery Powders at SGD83.