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Attempting to Solve the Mystery Of Dipper’s Name

Alright, so I spent a long time of not doing homework to try to figure out the real name of 

Recently, Alex stated that Dipper’s first name has a similarity to Mabel’s, but didn’t confirm what it was.

With that in mind, and the fact that Mabel and Dipper are based on Alex and his twin sister Ariel, I figured it would start with the letter M. But that wasn’t quite enough to go on. So I started looking into some of the other names. Because the only other twins in the Pines family we’re aware of are Stanley and Stanford, I used them as a base of information. 

Both of them, obviously, start with the first 4 letters. But more than that, they are both of English origin and they both have two syllables. This is fairly interesting once you think about the name Mabel.

Which also has TWO syllables and is of ENGLISH origin.

So, it’s safe for us to assume that Dipper’s name will have two syllables, start with “M” and maybe even “Ma”, and will be of English origin. 

Names that start with M, two syllables, English

We get a much more concise list when we look up names that start with “Ma” which is much more possible.

Now the other option could be that the names have similar endings. While Stanley and Stanford have different endings for their names, It’s not impossible that the younger mystery twins would have matching endings.

Now, it’s probably not Tyrell, as that is very close to the name Dipper wished he had, Tyrone. and honestly, the name could be any one of these on this list or the last one. 


it is important to point out that the last two lists have two overlapping names: Marcell and Maxwell.

The name Maxwell means “From Maccus’ Spring” which doesn’t really mean anything to us in terms of Dipper’s personality. Remember, Mabel means “loveable” which describes her very well. But Marcell, has both the Ma, the L at the end, and means “young warrior.” Young warrior could very easily describe Dipper’s role in the show. He’s fought so many different monsters, including Bill several times, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that “young warrior” wouldn’t describe him.

That and Mabel and Marcell, or Marcell and Mabel sound really good together?

That’s just my thoughts, let me know what you think!